Can You Guess What Could Be the Next Big Move for Mobile Phones in India?

Find out on 17th April at Noon.

Can You Guess What Could Be the Next Big Move for Mobile Phones in India?

Now and then, something comes along the way which creates a significant hype in the country; be it some breaking headline or the launch of a new gadget you had always been waiting. We've become so updated with technology that our life revolves around the latest trends and conversations that keep happening in the mobile phone industry. But how often does it happen that something happens on such a big level it hints at disrupting the entire mobile phone landscape in the country? Not very often, I reckon.

Recently, we came across one such news that has left everyone curious as a cat as they keep guessing about the big reveal and what it could mean.
You heard that right. India has been guessing left, right & centre about this BIG reveal for the mobile phones. Can you deduce what's going to happen this 17th April that will change the smartphone landscape?

Bigger than The Kong?


This creative was launched by Flipkart that states something big could be coming our way. But what could be so big that it even makes the Kong looks small? We've been trying to figure what this could mean. Even Twitterati are baffled and wonder what this #BigOnFlipkart could be.

Here's what they had to say...

Indeed! What could be it though?

The hype leaves us biting our nails.

The #BigAnnouncement isn't so far away now. Thank God!

And we can't wait either! But we know that they are about to enter into an exclusive partnership.

Bigger Partnership?

Is Flipkart tying up with some big giant? Who could be their new partner that could raise the bar of partnerships and reshape the smartphone industry?

Here's what the CEO of Flipkart had to say-

Still scratching your heads? Don't sweat it out, fellas. It looks like we will all have to wait and find out what Flipkart has in store for its fans.
Stay tuned for the Big Reveal on Flipkart on the noon of 17th of April.