Richa Chadha's Savage Comeback on a Dirty Comment is the Best of All

Richa ji, aapne to iski keh ke le li... 

Richa Chadha's Savage Comeback on a Dirty Comment is the Best of All

The country is in grief right now. An 8-year-old girl was kidnapped, given sedatives, gang-raped and then brutally murdered. Yes, the safety of women is in danger. 

As the horror of Kathua rape case touched the public, people around the world joined hands together to get justice for the girl. Richa Chadha is also among those celebrities who expressed their grief on social media. But as we all know, stupid people never look for the right time to show their elite talent. 

And this is what happened when Richa Chadha addressed a post on her Twitter wall, a user neglecting the sorrow of the post insulted Richa. But little did he know that no one can mess with Bholi Punjaban.  

Richa gave that man a savage reply and proved again that women are not meant to be ridiculed.  

It all began when Richa wrote a tweet calling for justice.


See the irony here. 

The whole nation is grieving in sadness. But a man from nowhere overlooked this grief, and among all the possibilities, decided to give his 'valuable' opinion on Richa. 

I mean... Dude! Nobody can be that dumb. You must have been hit by the stupid stick.  

According to this user, Rampat Haramai, Richa Chadha is not 'able' enough to oppose government because she herself do intimate scenes in her films. 

Dear, Rampat Haramai 

I just have a few words to say.

I feel sorry for you and I hope you get well soon. 

But little did he know that there's a reason why Richa is the Bholi Punjaban of Bollwyood.   

It turned out that the man himself shared pervert things like porn on his timeline... *SPEECHLESS*

Well, soon after Richa's savage comeback, applauding tweets began marching for her.  

Richa, in simple words...  

She began a hashtag #YoTrollSoSanskari trolling all such people who made negative comment on her wall.  

Rampat Haramai, are these your sanskaar? 

Most of the twitterati applauded Richa by saying that she nailed it.  

Rampat 'Ji' (though he doesn't deserve so much respect) deserves a high five... on his face... with a chair.  

Richa's reply is a lesson for all those who believe that insulting women on social media is FUN and RIGHT.
*Go and bang your head on wall* 

All's well that ends well... 

All I would want to say is that never ever let any Rampat Haramai shake your spirit of speaking the heart out in public.   

I hope you liked the story.

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Do you think some strict actions should be taken against such offensive comment makers?