Sai Kaustuv Dasgupta's Journey Will Show You That Pain is Inevitable But Suffering is Optional 

He made his suffering his strength. 

Sai Kaustuv Dasgupta's Journey Will Show You That Pain is Inevitable But Suffering is Optional 

Sai Kaustuv Dasgupta has a multifaceted career. A graphic designer, singer and a happiness coach, this inspiring man has been suffering from a rare disease known as brittle bone disease which has resulted in 90 percent of his body being physically unfit. Although the disease was successful in breaking Kaustuv's bones, it did not shake or break his spirits.

Kaustuv has broken many records and his name features in the Limca Book of Records, India Book of Records, Asia Book of Records and Miracle Book of Records. He has also been a TEDx and motivational speaker, inspiring more and more people
Here is his inspiring story:

"I was a dancer. I used to copy dance steps by watching them on television screens." 

For someone who really loves dancing from the bottom of his heart, it was very difficult for Kaustuv to accept the fact that he couldn't dance anymore. He was told to pursue some other activity that would please him as much as dancing did. 

That incident was the first time when Kaustuv came to know that he was different and this difference came at a heavy cost. 


"It was hard to understand because I was immature but I accepted that I had a rare disease with optimism. So, I decided to do something else in a safe zone," Kaustuv said in his TED talk.

"I was born with suffering, it was my soulmate." 


Kaustuv suffers from a rare disease osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) or the brittle bone disease and got his first fracture when he was three and a half months old. He surely looked cute back then but the pain and suffering that he had to endure as a kid is something he cannot explain. Kaustuv believes that today when he looks back in time to the time when he was born, he feels that his birth was special and that he is a special human being. 

"I used to sing from my heart so I captured so many hearts." 


When dancing didn't work, Kaustuv decided to take singing into consideration and started singing because he needed a tool to express himself. His career started in full swing and people invited him to various places for performances. He became a child prodigy and was recognised as a singer in the state of West Bengal. 

"When you design your life everything will not look perfect but if you decide to change your outlook towards all the things everything will look perfect to you," Kaustuv feels. 

'S' for Suffering, 'S' for Surprises...

'S' for Suffering, 'S' for Surprises...

The physical problems never affected the spirit of this warrior who chose to transform his suffering into his singing. He has been affected by 55 fractures throughout his life but Kaustuv took all his fractures as surprises. 

"We have enough potential and skills to modify our society, we only need a platform to explore ourselves."


Kaustuv has always considered himself different but one thing that has bothered him a lot is the fact that the ability of a differently-abled person is always questioned and judged in the society. He wants people like him to get a chance so that they can show the world what they can actually achieve.

"I became confined in a small room and I used to feel alone and depressed." 


As Kaustuv had started realising his true calling and he started working towards his passion and aims in life, he was confined to a room for six long years. Given the fact that his entire body couldn't function properly except the index finger of his left hand. He started feeling lonely, depressed and sad. He lost all hopes in life and that is when the real action began. 

"I used to live with my shadow and then I realised I was not on this planet to be lonely or depressed, but, I had no clue what to do," Kaustuv had mentioned. 

"If I broke down, what will other differently-abled people in this world think of me?" 

Kaustuv tried to make his life colourful by trying to learn graphic designing wherein he flourished and touched the zenith of success by just using one finger of his left hand. He also started typing tests, learned and then enrolled in various record books.

"I had a strong desire to put colours in my black and white life. None of my body parts is working but I had to communicate with the world so I started working on the on-screen keyboard. By this, I was able to type down my own book in two-months time. Today, I have become an international designer only by creating designs with one finger." 

"I never entertained the word no in my life." 

What is impossible for most people on this planet is possible for this man who never considered giving up as an option in life. It was very easy for him to say no because he was physically challenged but he gave it a try and it opened new avenues and doors in his life. 

Kaustuv also feels that his parents have always supported him through thick and thin and have never considered him as a burden, but as an asset who has always made them feel proud.

"When I came out of my room I became a new person on the wheelchair."


Kaustuv was in tears because he saw a new world that he had never seen before. In 2015, he accepted himself in a wheelchair. He always accepted rather than expecting and that is what makes his life a living miracle and inspiration for all of us.

"I feel so sad when people complain about silly things and that they don't have enough opportunities, people feel caged and they blame and complain but I can tell that my wheelchair is a throne and I am king when I'm sitting on it," he had said in his TED talk. 

He also believes that miracles happen to those who choose to create miracles.

"It's not that I don't have struggles in life, my body doesn't functions and I am completely depended on my parents for everything, even if I have to drink a glass of water I am depended on them but I am flying on the sky on the basis of my willpower and determination," he had said.

Here's the complete video of his talk 

"My biggest strength is my X-factor and it is my big smile. It is the signature of my positivity, it is the best service that I do," he had said.
Kaustuv's message to all: If you cry, criticise and complain about small things in life you will never have enough. If you really want to get success then transform your adversities into opportunities.

That's all people. 

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