Sridevi Death Mystery: Questions That are Striking Every Indian’s Mind

Cardiac arrest, accidental drowning, and...

Sridevi Death Mystery: Questions That are Striking Every Indian’s Mind

India is shocked, stunned and still not in the condition to believe that its superstar Sridevi has passed away. And although her body has finally been brought to Mumbai, what is making most of us restless is the speculations around her death. 

The smile, India will miss for eternity!

The smile, India will miss for eternity!

And a lot of questions, every Indian is waiting to be answered.


Mohit Marwah's wedding function was on 22nd February, why Sridevi was in Dubai when her husband and daughter returned Mumbai?

Why was Sridevi staying alone in the hotel room when many of the relatives were there?

Were Sridevi and Boney having some relationship issues?

Why Boney Kapoor reached Dubai right after returning Mumbai from there?

Was 'surprise dinner date' thing in real or just a hypothetical statement?

Sridevi and Boney's family friend Amar Singh cleared that she was not 'hard drink consumer', how can it be believed that she was drunk and she drowned?

Are 'heart attack' and 'accidental drowning' just the reasons to mention?

Isn't it hard to believe that she was drowned in bathtub?

If Sridevi was getting ready for the dinner date that night, how was she already in drunk state in room?

Sridevi who maintained her health and physique all her life, how can she get into drunk state?

Why forensic report added 'accidental' word in its document when it's police's responsibility to decide 'how'?

How such a responsible authority can make a typo error in its document?

Was forensic department in so hurry to release the piece of paper that has just a couple of statements?

Why Dubai is taking so long to deport Sridevi's body to India?

We will miss you, Sridevi!

We will miss you, Sridevi!

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Do you think the speculations have some kind of truth?