How to Fake that You’ve Watched a Show When you Really Haven’t?

Suffering from FOMO, are we?

How to Fake that You’ve Watched a Show When you Really Haven’t?

So, you're out for dinner with your friends and they can't stop talking about the hottest show on the block. And all of a sudden you feel totally left out. Aww ☹ 

But, cheer up! In such show-ver-whelming times, we have found just the hack for you!

We've drawn up some parts of the conversations about the hottest shows (yes, Game of Thrones too) to help you fake it until you catch up with all the seasons. 

If anyone asks – 'Where do you watch them?', just say 'Hotstar Premium' instead of being caught off-guard. (Also, brand-plug alert. Sorry!)

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is cult. And there's no way to escape the chatter. Throw in these into the conversations and look like a know-it-all.

- Jon Snow's ass is the hottest thing ever.

- Cersei is such a b****. She reminds me of <insert vengeful friend's name. At your own risk.>

- Drogon is bae. (It's a dragon BTW)

- Sometimes the Whitewalkers give me nightmares!

- Every time I see Tyrion drink wine, I feel like opening a bottle too.

- Wonder what Dornish wine tastes like!

- Randomly utter 'You know nothing, Jon Snow'

- I've a spoiler for you (BEST WAY TO DODGE).

And while you can fake it till a certain point, people will eventually catch your bluff. So, start following the series on the side here


This is Us

This is Us

This award-winning show has fans completely hooked. Here's how you can keep up with the hype.

- I need a box of tissues handy whenever I watch an episode.

- Weight issues are real, and Chrissy Metz is doing a fantastic job shedding light on the topic.

- Jack is my definition of an ideal partner.

- Sterling K Brown deserved that Emmy for his work – he's so intense.

- I love the parallel story-telling; switching between the past and present – super-intriguing!

Make sure you start watching the show on the side though!



This multi-award winning show is one of the best dramas, inspired by the real world. If international espionage, terrorism, underground networks gets you excited – you need to watch this now. But until then, here you go:

- Carrie seems to have the worst luck in relationships.

- I'm convinced that Damian Lewis can do any role with conviction.

- Dar Adal gives me goosebumps.

- I thought Season 4 was great – that '13 hours in Islamabad' episode seemed way too real.

- Carrie and Saul have such a strong bond – gives you the feels.

- Carrie's character gives you an insider's view on mental health problems, you know.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

It's all about the big, bad world of Silicon Valley. It is the story of super-nerd Richard who decides to start his company with his gang, Pied Piper. And now is just the right time to catch up on this show, what with Season 5 going live on 26 March. Everyone is going to be talking about this – don't complain we didn't warn you.

- Pied Piper – seriously, I mean who names their company Pied Piper.

- That Pied Piper logo is really phallic. Think about it!

- When will I ever enter the 'three comma club' (basically means the billion-dollar club. A billion dollars has three commas... get it?)

- Apparently, Erlich's hat is designed by Jac Vanek Marin, a female designer for ELEMENT (the skater fashion brand, for the girl's collection). In the show, it subtly emphasises Erlich's "soft" side.

- I am gonna miss Erlich in Season 5 too much.

- Can't wait to see Jin Yang run Erlich's incubator – let's get ready for another round of #NotHotdog

Catch up on the past seasons before the new season launches, here.

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies

This one swept the Emmys and was a big winner at the Golden Globes too. Apart from Nicole Kidman, Reese Whitherspoon and Shailene Woodley's mind-blowing performances, this one is a murder mystery shot in the spectacular Monterey.

- I've never seen Nicole Kidman play such a complex character before. No wonder she's sweeping up all those awards.

- That Ziggy kid is such an awesome actor, especially for his age.

- Chloe's taste in music is better than half the adults I know.

- Bonnie's dance at Amabella's party was so hot!

- I heard that Meryl Streep is joining the cast as Alexander Skarsgard's mother in a supporting role. 


Hotstar App

Hotstar App

Now, while this works as a temporary hack solution, it won't get you through life. So get your Hotstar Premium membership and start your watch-a-thon with the most-loved and critically acclaimed shows, and know every detail like an actual pro!