Why Does the Youth Believe That Canadian PM is Pro-Khalistan? 

#IndiaKaPulse says he might be...

Why Does the Youth Believe That Canadian PM is Pro-Khalistan? 

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is visiting India for his first official trip since he has been in the office. Knowing our PM Modi, we could all have well expected numerous pictures, hugs and tweets. But that didn't happen, nothing even close. Cause apparently the Canadian Prime Minister was welcomed by a junior minister of agriculture. Does that mean our beloved Modiji does not want to make him feel welcome? The absence of any kind of welcome tweet also raised this question.   

Sure, there is a protocol saying that the prime minister need not personally welcome dignitaries at the airport. But our PM has broken those in the past. Remember when the US President Barack Obama came to India in 2015? Or when the Japanese Prime Minister visited India. Only last month Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu made Modiji break that protocol.

So, what is really different about Justin Trudeau?

Canadian Prime Minister since 2015.

Canadian Prime Minister

The second youngest prime minister in the history of Canada has been the leader of the Liberal Party since 2014. He recently received a not-so-warm welcome in India and everybody has been wondering why. 


Many say he is Pro-Khalistan.


Canada is said to have sheltered Sikh people. In fact, all four of Trudeau's ministers of Indian origin are Sikh. It is also said that for Trudeau, this trip is all about the Sikh vote in Canada.  

What is Khalistan really?

Canadian Prime Minister

A Sikh movement where Sikh nationalists aimed at creating an independent state, somewhat similar to Pakistan. 

Khalistan separatist at Trudeau's event?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Jaspal Atwal, a Khalistan separatist, was said to be invited to dine with Canadian Prime Minister at a formal event in Delhi during this visit. The picture on the left shows Jaspal with Trudeau's wife. As per Zee News report, Trudeau says Jaspal should not have been invited.   
In 1986, Jaspal had attempted to kill the then Punjab cabinet minister, Malkiat Singh Sidhu.

PM Modi's tweet... 

PM Modi sent out this tweet after his trip was almost finished.   

And that signature bear-hug... 

And that signature bear-hug... 

PM Modi welcomed the Canadian PM with his signature bear-hug at Rashtrapati Bhavan, as can be seen in the picture. There are still questions about the first half of the trip. 

Here are some of the opinions...  


Or maybe something else?

And some people always troll.

Analysis by #IndiaKaPulse

india ka pulse post result

Almost 50% people think that the Trudeau was given the cold shoulder because he supports Khalistan. While 20% believe, PM Modi simply followed protocol, and that is what he should've done. The remaining 30% say that he was just busy. 

That is all for now. 

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