MS Dhoni Channels His Inner Virat And Vents Out At Manish Pandey

Wow, even he can be angry at times! 

MS Dhoni Channels His Inner Virat And Vents Out At Manish Pandey

When it comes to Indian families, MS Dhoni comes across as the one your moms give examples of. He's a winner; he's humble, feet firmly planted on the ground, never an ill word escapes his mouth, etc., ad infinitum. Remember the saying 'nobody's perfect'? 

Well, yesterday something did happen which proved to us that we should still hold some degree of control before branding MSD as a God because, at time of stress, he succumbed to it and shouted some things he shouldn't have done.  

Here's the video of MSD losing his cool.


If you cannot make out, let us shorten it. Dhoni actually shouted "Oye BSDK, idhar dekh" safe to say, captain cool did lose his cool this time and as expected, people on Twitter had a field day. 

He's not wrong, is he?

Varun can vouch, MSD wasn't wrong. This isn't the only time he appears on our list. 

This is brilliant! 

MS Dhoni would make a terrific doctor too!  

A slap to Dhoni haters.

Dhoni's still defying the odds. 

Would you do this to your friend too? 

Men would be men! Dhoni notched a splendid half-century and then the congratulatory tweets flooded in.

Here's Varun Dhawan congratulating MSD. 

We promised you that Varun Dhawan would appear again. Here he is! 

Sehwag praising Dhoni.

MSD and Sehwag enjoyed a wonderful bond on and off the field. No wonder he supports him through thick and thin.  

Silencing his haters!

MSD has silenced his haters and probably ended the debate about him starting the 2019 World Cup. 

Dhoni haters right now. 

MSD did manage to show his heated side, but that doesn't mean he's not a great person, if anything, it shows to us he is still a human.   

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