If You're Planning for an Upcoming Long Weekend, These 10 Adventure Camps Are for You

Rishikesh, Ladakh or Shimla? Where do you want to go? 

If You're Planning for an Upcoming Long Weekend, These 10 Adventure Camps Are for You

A wise man once said, "A perfect day would be to get into the car, drive out and go camping."

How many of you have experienced the moment when after every hectic day, the first voice that pops in our head says, "Dude! I need a break." Well, who doesn't need a break from distress and drama?

And this is why here I am as your saviour, bestowing perfect hideouts which will make you feel fresh and motivated. There is no doubt to the belief that the best place to get relief from all distress is in the lap of nature.

So, if you're planning your upcoming long weekend, these adventure camps in India are perfect for your holiday starved souls. 

Ravers Beach Camp, Rishikesh

Ravers Beach Camp

If you are looking for an adventure to shed off your daily stress, this place is a perfect stress buster for you. Enjoy energised activities at Ravers Beach camp, Rishikesh, an unspoiled scene with a pleasant environment. 

The camp allows session of rafting; one can even battle the thundering tides over the spouting water and enjoy exciting body surfing activities at Ravers Beach Camp, Rishikesh. 


Sarchu Adventure Camp, Sarchu 

Sarchu Adventure Camp

Sarchu Adventure Camp is located at the oasis on the desert land of Sarchu. With 24 swiss cottages and 15 royal cottages, this camp will give you memories for the lifetime. If you are planning a trekking trip in between April to September, mark this place in your favourites for an overnight stay.  

Osian Resort Camps, Pratapnagar, Rajasthan

Osian Resort Camps

Sunsets are peaceful, right? But watching the evening in the heart of the Thar Desert near the ancient town of Osian on the Jodhpur-Jaisalmer Highway has its charm. Located between a vast belt of sand dunes, Osian Camps offers the travellers to stay in the midst of the desert away from all the disturbances.  

Watermark Camp, Pangong Lake, Ladakh

Watermark Camp

Located on the bank of Pangong Lake in Spangmik, Watermark Camp is the farthest point to which foreigners are permitted. Watching the mountains of the Chang Chenmo range and the change in lake's colour from blue to greens is enough to fill up your mind with harmony and joy.  

Plus, staying at the world's highest saltwater lake Pangong is an adventure in itself.

Camp Chrysalid Junga, Shimla

Camp Chrysalid Junga

Located in the scenic village, Maheshu, in Junga tehsil of Shimla district, Camp Chrysalid Junga is the perfect place in Shimla for adventure camp activities in India. Take your family or your companions and experience the peaceful environment between backwoods of pine and oak trees. 

At Camp Chrysalid Junga, the days begin with beautiful mornings and end with cold evenings like a scenery framed over river Ashwini.  

Sangla Valley Camping, Sangla

Sangla Valley Camping

Among the best adventure camps to travel in groups is Sangla Valley located in the region of Himalayas. Can there be any better extended weekend plan when all you have to do is take long walks in the beautiful flora and fauna or trekking in between the peaks covered all with snow? 

At a place like this, rock climbing, rappelling and river crossing are some of the delights one can enjoy. According to the Thrillophilia, the best time to plan a visit to Sangla Valley is from June to October.  

Oakwood Hamlet, Shimla

Oakwood Hamlet

Jungle retreat with magnificent trees and oak forest, Oakwood Hamlet caters wilderness, serenity and comfort for travellers from across the world. According to Oakwood Hamlet website, interior of its cottages provides tourists home comfort while with the fun-packed activities, every day at this place is a new adventure.

Camp Potters Hill, Shimla

Camp Potters Hill

Nested in a dense and beautiful forest, Camp Potters Hill is a utopia for Potterheads. Located in Shimla, this place covers 100 hectares of prime Western Himalayan forests of Himachal. It is best serving its tourist with super comfortable tents and cottages. 

According to Himachal Tour, this hill was once used by Potters of Shimla to obtain clay. Now, it is developed into a Luxury Camping Resort which is one of its kind in the country. 

Corbett Woods Resort, Uttarakhand

Corbett Woods Resort

Cheap yet luxurious! Corbett Woods Resort in Jim Corbett National Park offers its customers comfortable camping and extraordinary hospitality. You will be amazed to see the fantastic architectural design and natural greenery around the location which makes it stand out from every other wildlife resort. 

So, next time when you plan a trip, don't forget to add the luxurious wildlife camp and a memorable jungle safari at Corbett Woods Resort.  

West Ladakh Camp, Pangong

West Ladakh Camp

Ladakh is a paradise in itself. And if you also want to explore the cultural hub of this paradise, West Ladakh Camp located in Uleytokpo village, at the bank of Indus River is a perfect camp location for you. 

According to lehladakhhotels.com, the best time to plan a trip to West Ladakh Camp is from May to September. 

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