Why 42% Indians Think Superstitions Have Hidden Logic behind Them?

Not every superstition has a logic behind it.

Why 42% Indians Think Superstitions Have Hidden Logic behind Them?

"Superstitions are habits rather than beliefs." - Marlene Dietrich

Every country and culture has its own share of superstitions, but in India, everything takes a different direction altogether. We all have encountered ridiculous beliefs and sometimes even found logical notions to back those beliefs. From breaking of glass to crossing the road after a black cat crosses the path, there are several conceptions which can be deemed illogical.

But are they? Not stepping outside during an eclipse can be a precaution against eclipse blindness. Cutting nails only before sunset could be because of lack of light in the earlier times. Their relevance today? Some have scientific explanations for it and some not so much. But it can be agreed that there are some explanations for superstitions.

The super blue blood moon actually brought us to this question. The first lunar eclipse of the year coincided with a rare phenomenon of a 'blue moon', a 'super moon' and a 'blood moon', all together. And as we all know we shouldn't go out during the 'grahan' (eclipse), we thought of knowing youth's take on superstitions.

We bring you #IndiaKaPulse on superstitions.

What are superstitions according to you?


41% believe it's a myth 

41% believe it's a myth 

Yes, over 41% of the people participating in the survey, think that these superstitions are nothing but a myth and there's no logic or sense behind them. Over 42% think that there's science behind such beliefs and they aren't all in vain. Some 10% think they are both. Probably implying that the superstitions were logical when imposed but now followed blindly, without any knowledge of the reason. Some 6% think they are just trash. Over 27,000 people participated in the survey on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

Here are some of the responses:

Many had scientific logic but we followed them blindly

Lack of electricity during earlier times...

"Not going outside during an eclipse is justified" @vedant_mandy

People use it according to their convenience

"Not sure. Maybe there is some hidden science? Our ancestors had a lot of that" @agent_rush

People who don't know about it, call it a myth

"Maybe hidden logic that people got wrong..." @scarcastic_joker

Much is outdated because we have evolved

Logic then, myth now

Source: Cover image, Eclipse blindness

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