Union Budget 2018: 35% Youth Wants Education Sector to Grow

#IndiaKaPulse talks about the upcoming Union Budget

Union Budget 2018: 35% Youth Wants Education Sector to Grow

Union Budget: The statement of the estimated receipts and expenditure of the government for the year. 

Every year, lakhs and crores of money is spent by the government for the development of our country. From farming sector to the education system, from defense sector to digital economy, everything is covered in it. 

Should 3.59 lakh crores have been allocated to defense in 2017? Should infrastructure be the point of focus or development of rural areas? 

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is the best person to present the Union Budget while highlighting important topics such as GST or demonetisation. However, there are some things in the budget that hit the soft spot for the public, specifically the youth. 

We somehow feel that the youth is underrepresented in most of the fields. That is why we bring you India Ka Pulse. Which sectors should be prioritised and which rates should be lowered, we bring you the answers directly from the youth.

Take a look.

We asked India


All of these...

All of these...

According to the sample population of over 27,000 people, education should be the prime focus of the government with over 35% people supporting the same. Around 25% people want the government to prioritise employment and job creation. Many people want the healthcare segment to grow. Some 4% youth wants India to be digitalised with the help of the government, whereas 24% wants that more attention should be paid to other sectors including defense, infrastructure, agriculture. 

Here are some of the examples:


Especially the government schools

We can see a developed country very soon

Many people also thought agriculture should be prioritised

Farmer suicides are another concern

A huge population is involved in agriculture

Many people agree with all

Taxes: Indirect or direct

Taxes: Indirect or direct

59% people said they don't like paying GST. The other 40% went with income tax, implying they would rather pay GST than income tax. Maybe the public prefers indirect taxes less than direct taxes.

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