After Shahid, Ishaan Khattar is Girls' New Crush. What Else Do You Know about Him? 

He is Shahid Kapoor's half-brother.

After Shahid, Ishaan Khattar is Girls' New Crush. What Else Do You Know about Him? 

Recently, we saw Shahid Kapoor earning the title Asia's Sexiest Man. There is no doubt that he certainly deserves it. With all the hard work, perseverance and dedication he has shown towards his movies, and recent being Padmaavat, he has been one of the most loved male actors in India.

But here, I am not talking about Shahid and his achievements. Yes! Today there is someone else from his family who is the talk of the town and Shahid would be the happiest person to see that. 

It's his super-talented half-brother Ishaan Khattar who is all set to make his debut in the Bollywood film industry. He will soon be seen in Shashank Khaitan's film Dhadak. Recently, Ishaan's international film's trailer was launched in India, and now we can't wait to see him on the silver screen. 

Ishaan Khattar is Shahid Kapoor's half-brother.

Ishaan Khattar

Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor's father Pankaj Kapoor and mother Neelima Azeem married each other but later got separated. They then got married to different people. Ishaan is Neelima Azeem's son from her second husband, actor Rajesh Khattar. 


Even after being half-brothers they share a great bond. 

Shahid Kapoor Ishan Khattar

The brothers are often seen chilling together. You must have seen Ishaan's Instagram account where he usually posts pictures with Shahid and his daughter. They share a very cordial bond with each other and Ishaan calls Shahid a father figure. 

Ishaan and Mira also share a good equation.

Mira Shahid Kapoor

In Karan Johar's show, Koffee With Karan, Mira was reported saying that she shares a great equation with Shahid's family including his brother Ishaan. Mira and Ishaan are almost of the same age and are more like friends. 

Ishaan's International film is on its way. 

Ishaan's International film is on its way. 

The actor is all set to make a mark in world entertainment industry. On the same note recently the trailer of his international film was released in India. The film will be released in March but has already been screened at the London Film Festival. 

The film is titled Beyond The Clouds.

Ishaan Khattar award

The movie is directed by an Iranian director, Majid Majidi.

His statement on his brother being a competition...

His statement on his brother being a competition...

On the trailer launch of his film, Ishaan was asked if his brother Shahid is his competition, to which his reply was the sweetest.

"All my life I have learnt so much by watching him. I can't possibly consider him as a competition to me and in fact, I would say we are a team," Ishaan answered.

Did Ishaan seek Shahid's permission before signing the film? 

Shahid Kapoor Ishaan Khattar

According to News18, when Ishaan was questioned whether he asked Shahid before signing the film, he responded, "I live with my mother, so of course, I talk to her about the film offer and then the person whom I shared the news with was none other than my brother." 

A family picture that speaks a lot about the bond. 

Shahid kapoor family

Though relations in Bollywood are very complicated, this family has managed to face and handle everything very positively. Everyone has a life of their own, but they still share a great equation with each other. 

Ishaan is ready to mark his presence in India with this film.

Dhadak movie

Ishaan will be featured opposite Sridevi's daughter Jhanvi Kapoor in the film Dhadak which is directed by Shashank Khaitan. Ishaan's fans are really excited to watch him on the big screen. 

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