Success In Life Is Not Guaranteed. Raise The Chances Of It By Joining MUN

A three-day conference which hosted five communities this time

Success In Life Is Not Guaranteed. Raise The Chances Of It By Joining MUN

Heard of MUNs? It doesn't matter whether you're a graduate or not. The college you studied in gave you the opportunity to be a part of Model United Nations (MUN).

Opportunities are like happiness, and they don't come and knock at your door unless you go and look for it. Being opportunistic is not easy though, you have to be aware of what is going around in the world, what interests you and taking time to develop the necessary skills to succeed at it. 

MUN happens to be one of those opportunities which exposes you to diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. MUN involves activities like public speaking and debates which teaches participants to think critically, teamwork, and leadership abilities. 

All this reminds me of a recent MUN which was conducted at Thangal Kunju Musiliar (TKM) College of Engineering, Kollam in Kerala. So, without any delay then, let me tell you about the event.

United Nations Academic Impact Colloquium - 2018 (UNAIC 2018)

United Nations Academic Impact Colloquium - 2018 (UNAIC 2018)

UNAIC 2018, definitely was South India's biggest Youth Assembly held till date. About 220 delegates from all over India participated and delegated in the three-day conference, which witnessed a series of mindbending debates. The five communities that were hosted were the United Nations General Assembly, United Nations Human Rights Council, United Nations Security Council, United Nations Information Centre and finally, the United Nations Economic and Social Council.


A brief glimpse of past

The conference was officially inaugurated with Plenary Session, which was presided over by Mr. Saji Thomas, Kerala Forum on United Nations Academic Impact (KFUNAI) patron, and UN staff. The special guests at the inaugural ceremony were Mr.T.P Srinivasan and Dr.S Karthikeyan IAS, District Collector, Kollam. The conference received positive feedback from all the delegates as well as the Executive Board members. The three-day conference came to an end with an award function, where the best performing delegates were awarded cash prizes.

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