Dear Karni Sena, I Think It's High Time Someone Tells You...

And this is the new nation we live in... 

Dear Karni Sena, I Think It's High Time Someone Tells You...

Hello, Karni Sena

Let's get this straight, this letter is not to ask about your health, wealth or for that matter your opinion on anything. It is instead a mirror, not just for you and all the people who have been supporting you. I only have one word to say, "SHAME ON YOU!"

Frankly, I even doubt if you are educated enough to read this letter, but I am so angry right now, like many others, that I had to vent it out like this.   

The biggest question of the hour.

The biggest question of the hour.

However, no one is clear about her existence.The first time Rani Padmavati found a mention in any form of literature was in 1540 in Muhammad Jayasi's poem titled 'Padmavat'. 


It all started when you first slapped Sanjay Leela Bhansali. 

You slapped a National Award winning filmmaker because YOU think that film insults a queen of your clan. 

Did you bother checking facts?

Did you bother checking facts?

Rani Padmini was born somewhere between 13th and 14th century in Simhal Diva (present Sinhala), which is a part of Sri Lanka. Yes, going by the poem, she is not even Indian. Pride, you said na?  

And then you found support from all the 'right' places.

And then you found support from all the 'right' places.

You managed to get support from political parties who take an oath to protect us. Press conferences were arranged, and Haryana BJP leader offered a bounty of Rs 5 crore to anyone who brought Deepika Padukone's chopped nose to you.   

In 2016, Haryana, the state where the minister friend of yours came from, recorded the highest rates of gang rapes in India. The pride you talk about?  

Have you forgotten your daughters?

Have you forgotten your daughters?

Where goes this pride, when India is called the 'Rape country' when Delhi is called the 'Rape Capital'

What is even more shocking is that the people who claim for our votes during elections are the ones who have nothing to say to the chaos that this country is witnessing.    

Instead of taking control of the situation...  

Here is BJP Kailash Vijayvargiya's son Akash Vijayvargiya not only supporting the protests and violence but asking the entire Hindu community to fight for the 'dharma'.  

He claims that he wants to spread the message of unity and no violence, but sir doesn't that contradict what you just said? Pride, comes into play again.  

What religious sentiments are you talking about, Sir? 

Hindus and Muslims? Is that what you mean? Let me show you are mirror sir; you are the first people to chase this minority community when the elections are around the corner. The General Elections are in 2019, right?  

What pissed me off the most? 

As though attacking the filmmaker, then plotting to attack a woman, banning the film and delaying the release of the film was not enough, children in Gurugram were attacked? 


So what if the accused were not from Karni Sena, yes they have been arrested, but the fire was started by you, wasn't it?
Schools have now been shut all across Gurugram to ensure safety. 

People are now scared to walk out into the city.

And today (Jan 25), the day the movie was released, ambulances have been hired, police have been deployed, just so that no one is hurt?  

Are you freaking kidding me? 

Where is the diversity, Mr Prime Minister? 

I am sorry, we don't live in a country that you pitched at the World Economic Forum. We live in the country that is full of PRIDE.    

So big that we take out bike rallies in protest...

That we take out swords...

And vandalise shops...

And then there is a young man who is so proud that he wants to self-immolate...

And all of this even after Supreme Court made it clear that the film should release all across India. What is even worse that some state governments are so scared that they didn't release the film, like Madhya Pradesh? Go on, feed their PRIDE. 

You know what, Karni Sena....

You know what, Karni Sena....

According to the US State Government, Title 22 Chapter 38 of the US Code defines terrorism as "premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents." 

And look at India...

"Agar aap prosperity ke saath peace chahte hain, toh Bharat aayein," Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Davos.

Are we really portraying this to 10 ASEAN heads who are in India? 

Are we really portraying this to 10 ASEAN heads who are in India? 

You will be surprised to know that the country that every fringe group in India hates so much, Pakistan has also allowed for a smooth release of Padmaavat.
Agar aap peace chaahte hain toh Bhaarat aaein, this is what you said na Prime Minister, lekin pehle Bhaarat-waasi ke peace ki pukaar toh sun lo?

Yours faithfully,

A worried WOMAN, who is scared for her pride.

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