Come And Draw Your Imagination at India's Largest Open Air Color and Happiness Festival

In the city of Nawabs.

Come And Draw Your Imagination at India's Largest Open Air Color and Happiness Festival

Given a chance, what would you choose- a life in monochrome or colours? 

Well, all of us have different opinions about how to lead a life and which lens to use when looking at it from a distance, but there are a few things that never change.

Like creativity, an artist can choose to paint using only black and white or spread vivid colours all across the canvas. Point being, art has no definition and living a life full of experience and inspirations is no less than a masterpiece in itself.

So, in a busy life with all the work, social media updates, selfies, meetings, et al. how do you find time to indulge yourself in things which bring out the creativity inside you, aspire you, and give an experience you have never lived before? 

You meet people, connect with them, watch artists perform and enjoy the life by widening the spectrum of your life, learn from it, and adapt. 

This January 28, you are getting this chance and here's how you can use it

India's largest open air art exhibition 

India's largest open air art exhibition 

Shalimar brings to you UP Tourism Art Tour in Lucknow, an initiative that rekindles the lost joy of drawing and painting while bringing everyone together to express their heART out. It's a platform, created for people to pick-up art tools and express themselves, compose their imagination along with thousands of fellow art lovers, curators, first-time expressionists, artists and art admirers.


Colorothon - Season 9

Colorothon - Season 9

Did you just see that? There's no age restriction, just like life; everyone can participate and enjoy to the fullest. After 4 cities, 8 seasons and 100,000+ participants; on January 28 COLOROTHON - India's largest open art event will be organised in Lucknow.

Over 1,000 art paintings and installations

Apart from people from different age-groups who love painting, you'll also get to see hundreds of well-known artists from all over the country like Padma Bhushan Ram V Sutar, Guinness and Limca record holder Wajid Khan, veteran portrait artists Laxman, Swapan Bhandari and Vilas Kulkarni.

Live music performances

This concept goes beyond linguistic, regional, religious and geographical barriers. An art tour in partnership with UP tourism.

Other highlights of the event:
India's Largest Open Air Art Exhibition
Larger than Life Portraits of renowned people
Curated Art wall as a canvas
Drum Circle
Artworks on sale to raise funds for a cause

Live colours. Rediscover self

Live colours. Rediscover self

A glimpse from all the cities where COROLOTHON was celebrated (pictured).


Color 'Freedom' on a scale never imagined before.

Color 'Feelings' in ways never experienced before.

Color 'Love' in togetherness never lived before.

Be anywhere but be there!


For more Details; call - 99869-84878, 81782-24114