Is the Girl Child's Luck in India Changing with Time?


Is the Girl Child's Luck in India Changing with Time?

Why do people only wish for a boy? Don't tell me, you haven't seen or heard soon-to-be parents wanting a boy. Wanting to carry forward their lineage is understandable, but is that the only reason? Maybe not. 

And girls who manage to survive the first test of being born, face other issues. From dowry system to poverty, from illiteracy to fear of rapes, from eve teasing to honour killing; many issues bind the women even though it is the 21st century.

Ask yourself, if you are expecting a child, will you be equally happy to have a girl child? Or will you be clouded by fear and anxiety? To know the answers, we asked this question on #IndiaKaPulse.

On the occasion of National Girl Child Day, celebrated on 24 January, we present to you the opinions from all over India. 

Take a look.

Birth of a girl child


Is it still a taboo?

There's the negative perspective

"Nothing much just girl's mother being worried about lifetime taunts of her mother in law. And father worried about her safety and arranging dowry for her marriage. This is what I expect. There can be very rare exception in this, but this is the reality in almost everywhere in our country." @zabir.shoupa

Then there's the positive one

"Thank God beta nahi hua!!!" @shalbany_manna

A blessing

"By 2020..Ladki hone pe saste pede nhi boondi ke ladoo batne chahiye" @just_shounak

Lovely child

"The same that we see when a boy take birth.... Neither more den a boys birth nor less than a girls birth... No feminism no more male domonation" @kiran27rathod


Things have already changed

"Daughter is not tension. Daughter is equal to ten sons" @iamgauravmaurya

Protection and respect

"It should be like 1200 per 1000 males" @santanubanerjee666

All about the mentality


These are some of the opinions about girl child in India. We want to know what YOU think as well. Stay tuned and watch out for #IndiaKaPulse! 

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