Symbiosis is All Set With Graffiti ’18 and there are Prizes Worth Rs 3 Lakh

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Symbiosis is All Set With Graffiti ’18 and there are Prizes Worth Rs 3 Lakh

Graffiti is the annual techno-managerial fest held at Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology. The two-day event invites students from various technical and business institutions, and corporates across India to participate in the wide arena of competitions. The event attracts 5000+ students, 100+ corporates, 500+ alumni and reputed panelists.

Graffiti is an event of noble innovations and spirited actions. Over the last decade and more, Graffiti has evolved and embraced new themes for every edition. From 'Zodiaclase' in 2014, 'Gerer les Cartes' in 2015, 'Cruzado' in 2016 and 'Emblazon' in 2017, Graffiti is now back with a brand new theme in 2018 - 'Innovenze'!

The theme for Graffiti 2018, Innovenze, resonates the undying spirit and soul of Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology. Innovenze is a perfect blend of innovations that elevate themselves to the pinnacle of convergence. Innovation is not an overnight revelation, but an outcome of passionate ideas and burning desires. And when inspiring ideas find the right platform, the abundance of energy and excitement herald a promising future.

Cheers, to the innovations then!

Shall we see all that which Innovenze holds for us?

Prizes worth Rs 3 Lakh

Prizes worth Rs 3 Lakh

A total of 12 events are lined up, and each comes with great prize money. Here's the list:

1. Advitiya - The accretion of ethos (prize money: Rs 75,000)

2. Bizolution - Make it happen (prize money: Rs 12,000)

3. Trade Knock - Seal your deal (prize money: Rs 12,000)

4. Synergence - Align your strategy (prize money: Rs 12,000)

5. LAN Wars - Level up! [prize money: CS (12,000) NFS (4,000), and FIFA(4,000)]

6. Auctionkart - The IPL auction event (prize money: Rs 15,000)

7. Stenforia - Tatics Unplugged (prize money: Rs 18,000)

8. Q'vidence - A quest for evidence (prize money: Rs 18,000)

9. Quizinatia - Intelligence at play (prize money: Rs 15,000)

10. G-mun - The model united nations (prize money: Rs 25,000)

11. Aignetus - Empowered by innovation (prize money: Rs 18,000)

12. Nautanki S[h]ala - Celebrating 10 dramatic years (total prize money: Rs 60,000 which includes street play, nukkad natak, mime, unsuna, solo performance, ek lauta)

Quite a line-up, right? 

Graffiti '18 is here, turning ideas into actions, towards the days of compelling metamorphosis! At SCIT, brilliant ideas and enthusiastic people discover their ultimate rendezvous. Graffiti '18 invites you to join their event on January 20 and 21, 2018. Be a part of the magnificent journey at Symbiosis, Hinjewadi campus!

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