Do You Think Indian Youth's Involvement in Politics is Important?


Do You Think Indian Youth's Involvement in Politics is Important?

How many young leaders are there in politics?

An interesting question if you think about it. Apart from a handful of people, like Jignesh Mevani and Chirag Paswan, how many young politicians do we come across? Have you ever thought why the youth of India is not interested in politics? Forget entering, youngsters don't even like to talk about it. And even if the topic does come up, it only revolves around a few words such as 'corruption', 'reservation', 'eligibility criteria' etc.
Do you remember the movie, Nayak where the actor Anil Kapoor says, "politics ek guttar hai"? Such gutter which nobody really wants to enter and clean. So relatable, right?

The Fodder Scam, 2G Scam and Commonwealth Games Scam are only a few examples of political scams. Take any huge government project into consideration, chances are there would be a political scam around it. The inside workings of government, we don't understand. We just know that taxpayers' money, OUR money is being wasted in all this. Isn't it time, we started paying attention and really did something about it? After all, the elections are just around the corner. It's time youth had its say in these matters.

Hence, we bring you #IndiaKaPulse. 

What changes do YOU want?



More intellectuals needed!


No reservation at all.


Maybe there should be a reservation for this minority.


Should be taught in school.


There should be certain criteria for entering politics.


Some are in favour of dictatorship, rather than democracy.


Young people entering politics.


Corruption free environment.


A country that's safe for women.


Eligibility criteria for politicians.

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