Choosing a Career Path: Parents' Choice or Your Will?


Choosing a Career Path: Parents' Choice or Your Will?

According to a study conducted by India Today in 2016, only 7% of engineering graduates are considered to be fit for a job by companies.

Reason; they lack the skills. The study claims that 97% engineers wanted jobs in software engineering or core engineering, but only 3% had the suitable skills to be employed in the said field. What does that tell you?
Apart from the messed up education system, there are many other reasons that contribute to this low employment rates. While pondering over the reasons, one that struck the most was that most youngsters in India are unaware of their own aptitude.

Talking about the ones who are employed, I'm sure you have seen many people who aren't really happy with what they're doing. Being forced to opt for engineering, medicine or civil services is not uncommon. Many parents want their kids to become a CA, IAS or doctor without really knowing what their kid wants. Is that right? That really got us thinking. And hence we thought of #IndiaKaPulse

You will be surprised to know that an astonishing number (around 51%) said yes. 

What did you choose?


Talking in terms of 3 idiots, were you a 'Rancho' or 'Farhan'?

It's always one of these, isn't it?


Some actually got the support needed.



Making them understand you are not an engineer material.


Is it okay to go against them?


Making their wishes come true.


It's all thanks to them.


No blame game.


Best years wasted.


This is what India says

This is what India says

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