A Lot is Said About Women Empowerment, are We Forgetting the Men?


A Lot is Said About Women Empowerment, are We Forgetting the Men?

"All violence is male generated." - Maneka Gandhi

This remark from our Cabinet Minister tells us a lot of things about our society today. No matter what the crime, it is always men who are wrong. But are they really? Whenever we see or hear the term "domestic violence", the first image that comes to our mind is of a man beating his wife. But have we ever considered that it can be the other way round? 

We live in a patriarchal society where we hear about such cases very frequently. But maybe we should remember, har sikke ke do pehlu hote hai. There is no denying that there has been an increase in the number of rape cases and of course, something should be done about it. I just want to point out the fact that there are many false cases too, where men end up being the victims because women take advantage of the rights provided to them. Most of us claim to be feminists, shouldn't we try to be humanists instead?

Hence, the question, "We talk about women empowerment, but what about our men?" 

We asked and India answered! Take a look.


What about the men?

"What about it? What do we talk about women empowerment? How about human empowerment?" @a.tethered.soul

"Why do we need to differentiate between women empowerment or men empowerment ? We "both" are children of nature, so there is an equal need to empower both." @theyoginaik

They don't really need it maybe.

Do they really need it?!

"Men were never as suppressed as women in our history.. so men empowerment is perhaps not required. It will be better if the needy are given proper empowerment, irrespective of the gender." @sukanyac27

"Nowadays everyone is talking about women empowerment , women equality & etc. etc. i'm not against women i absolutely support this campaign but due to this we are leaving men behind , if you're talkin about equality , empowerment , liberalism , sovereignty , etc then it should be applicable for both the genders the adverse affect of all these rights given to women is nowadays many of them are misusing it "not all the women but many are there" so what i feel is if you want to give equality give to both , if to want to empower then empower both " @mickey_oberoi

Do we care?

"Women empowerment ke naam par men ko ignore Karna is like a bird trying to fly with a single wing, no matter how hard it tries it won't be able to fly.#indiakapulse" @curiousgaurav95

A lot of things are acceptable for women but not for men. That's the bitter truth. Although the vice versa is true as well.

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