10 Most Bizarre Cases of India That Shook the Whole Nation

How many out of these did you know? 

10 Most Bizarre Cases of India That Shook the Whole Nation

Indian district courts at an average witness 4-5 lakh cases every day and has always had a large number of peculiar cases and thus, a fantastic example of truth being stranger than fiction. Anything that arouses curiosity or catches the attention of a person is always eye-catching. 

Here is the list of the most interesting cases for you that have enthralled the Indian judiciary system. 

Commander Nanavati - '3 shots that shocked India and ended jury trial.'

Commander Nanavati case

Do you remember watching Akshay Kumar being all chivalrous yet murdering another man in a crime of passion while being in a naval uniform? We are talking about the blockbuster movie Rustom which is based on a real case. The first upper-class crime case that shocked the nation with its never-ending mystery, ultimately ending the jury trial in India. 

A jury trial is a lawful proceeding where a body of common people is sworn in to give a verdict on the basis of evidence provided in the court. 

Nanavati was a flamboyant naval commander who murdered his wife's lover. A jury trial was held to decide whether it was a crime of passion (carrying a ten-year sentence) or a premeditated murder (life imprisonment) to which Nanavati pleaded 'not guilty'. The jury acquitted him, but the Bombay High Court eventually dismissed the verdict on the basis of facts and evidence.    


Cyanide Mallika - 'India's first female serial killer.'

Cyanide Mallika case

Can you imagine a messenger of God killing its devotees? Well, yes, in the weirdest of the weird case of Cyanide Mallika alias K. D. Kempamma, possibly 'India's first female serial killer', would choose her victims from female devotees near temples. She used to pose as an extremely religious woman, well versed with all the rituals; she would then become friends with women and later call them to a temple that was away from the victim's residence. She would advise the women to be dressed up wearing jewellery as to appease the Gods.

At the temple, Mallika would pretend to perform a ritual and ask the women to drink holy water or eat prasad that would be poisoned with cyanide. She killed six women for which she was given a death penalty in 2010, which was later reduced to life imprisonment in 2012.    

Ranveer Singh Yadav - 'The 5 paisa scam.'

Ranveer Singh Yadav case

In a country where culprits accused of financial crimes worth thousand of crore get off scot-free.

Here is a man named Ranveer Singh Yadav who got convicted over a scam of 5 paisa, a currency which no longer exists. 

Wait...what seriously? 

The poor chap kept fighting for 40 years as an accused of taking 5 paisa extra for a 10 paisa ticket from a woman passenger. Though the Labour Court acquitted Ranveer Singh in 1990, DTC went to the High Court.  

After 4 decades and lakh of rupees spent by both parties for legal justice, finally, in 2016, the court acquitted him. He was 75 when the judgment finally came. The DTC was asked to compensate him with Rs.6 lakh for his 40 years long fight over 5 paisa. Believe it! 

Charles Sobhraj - 'The Bikini Killer.'

Charles Sobhraj case

Charles Sobhraj - An attractive and a smart man who used to kill people through his charm. 

'The Serpent', as the world knows him, is probably the most popular and good-looking serial killer of India. He was very well read and extremely charming and therefore, took his victims into confidence before drugging and killing them. He used to drown the burnt bodies of the victims. He was known as the bikini killer for his infatuation towards pretty looking female foreign tourists. He killed between 12-24 beautiful female tourists before he was finally arrested.

Nitish Katara - 'Honor killing over loving.'

Nitish Katara case

How fair is it to kill someone for loving a person from a different caste? In this regretful case, Nitish Katara who was a young business executive in Delhi was murdered in 2002, by Vikas Yadav, the descendant of influential criminal-politician D. P. Yadav. 

Nitish loved his classmate, Bharti Yadav (Vikas' sister). Nitish was murdered after several threats to leave Bharti. His body was found beside a highway, beaten to death with a hammer, covered in diesel and set aflame. According to a testimony, Katara had been taken for a drive-by Vikas and Vishal, Bharti's brothers, and was never seen alive again. According to the trial court's ruling, Nitish's murder was found to be an honour killing as the Yadav family found him an unworthy suitor to Bharti. 

Nithari - 'House of horror.'

Nithari case

Ever heard of chainsaw massacre, this is even far more horrific. Surinder Koli, the domestic help of Moninder Singh Pandher, a businessman from Noida was accused of rape, paedophilia & sodomy, cannibalism, and organ trafficking. 

In 2006, they were both arrested in connection with the discovery of skulls of missing children in the Nithari village, on the outskirts of Noida after neighbours reported a foul smell coming from their house. Both of them had been found guilty and are on death row.

Arushi Talwar - 'Who killed whom?' 

Arushi Talwar case

This case is the perfect example of the failure of the investigating agency. It was a total screw up by the police during their investigation as the evidence was not properly collected. In this peculiar case, 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar's murder was quite an abnormal event in itself. The critically acclaimed movie starring Irrfan Khan explained quite a bit of the case. 

The girl was found with her throat slit while the domestic helper, Hemraj, was also found dead within a couple of days. A long, drawn-out investigation saw confusion over evidence, accusations by her parents, misleading investigations and a dramatic trial by media, ruled that the parents were guilty. However, recently the parents were acquitted.  

Lal Bihari - 'Dead or Alive?'

Lal Bihari case

This list keeps getting better, in another weird case, a person was declared dead with documents proving his death even when he was alive. Lal Bihari was born in 1955 and believed to have died in 1975. 

According to the facts of the case, his uncle bribed certain officials to declare him dead so that he could get the ancestral land. Therefore, under the official records, Lal Bihari was registered dead until 1994. He has since been an activist trying to prove that he is alive. He currently runs an organisation that handles similar identity crisis cases.    

Akku Yadav - 'Serial Rapist ripped off.'

Akku Yadav case

Karma is a bitch boy!

In an unusual life event of Karma, Akku Yadav, a serial rapist was lynched in the courtroom by 200 women. The women came armed with stones, kitchen knives as well as chilli powder. The more important aspect of this is that every woman claimed responsibility for the murder and therefore, the court had to dismiss the case.

Women decided to take the law into their hands since police failed to take any action against the rapist even after several requests.   

Raj Kumari - 'She's the man!'

Raj Kumari case

How would you react if a man who married a woman turned out to be a young boy? This hilarious incident took place in Uttar Pradesh with a 37-year-old man. In desperation to get married, he paid Rs.50,000 for Raj Kumari, a dancer from a travelling group who turned out to be a 14-year-old boy. The weirdest thing was they were married for a week before the groom realised what had happened.  
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