Mandira Bedi And Sorabh Pant Are Unhappy! What Could Be Wrong?

Stress or something else?

Mandira Bedi And Sorabh Pant Are Unhappy! What Could Be Wrong?

I'm sure when we look at famous people, we see all the reasons they have to be happy. Little do we notice, what happens at the core of their lives and how they actually feel. Living a life full of pressure, most of them are not truly happy.

Happiness does not come with fame and neither with materialistic things. We all have become so tied up in our day-to-day lives that we actually have forgotten what's the source of our happiness. As we get busier in our lives, we tend to forget the major root of happiness, and till the time we realize it, it's already too late!

Recently, we came across two different celebrities who have confessed their guilt on the social media, although we are still unaware of what's making them feel in such a way.

It's true, check out the latest posts by Mandira Bedi and Sorabh Pant, something has been bothering them for long and for sure!

Why is Mandira Bedi feeling sad? 



Mandira Bedi's recent post on Instagram suggests that she feels sad quite often, although she hasn't revealed any reason for her unhappiness.

And Sorabh Pant too?


Even comedian Sorabh Pant who makes everyone laugh has revealed on Instagram that he is sad. Well, something is certainly wrong here. 



Could being a workaholic be a reason for someone to be sad? Mandira Bedi has admitted to this, but can this be the sole reason for her unhappiness?

Sorabh Pant has a similar opinion!


The comedian revealed on Instagram that he has been working like mad and has been super busy lately.


Mandira Bedi shared this on her Instagram. This video will surprisingly take you on an emotional ride showing how we overlook our child's need to have some quality time with us. Being a workaholic is fine, but when work comes in between family, distances grow and this could have an impact on a child's future. 

Kores has taken this amazing initiative in spreading awareness about our behaviour with our kids, and how a quality #10MinutesWithMummaPapa can brighten up our child and make them grow happier. Just as you would like it.