Supreme Court To Review Section 377: Here Is India's Stand On Homosexuality


Supreme Court To Review Section 377: Here Is India's Stand On Homosexuality

Homosexuality, is one of the most controversial topics to talk about, more so in India. After all, we have to justify the image of the society and be overly Bollywood-y about it, don't we? 

Karan Johar's Dostana was a turning point for us Indians who are scared to even talk about it openly. Although there have been movies like Fashion and Kapoor and Sons, that showed or talked about homosexual relationships in parts, it was Dostana that made it relatable to the younger generation. 

And although our generation is way more accepting of an individual's sexual preferences, what about our parents? Can they accept that we hang out with a homosexual friend? Leave alone accepting that their child is one. Even if they do end up supporting him or her, they are always scared of 'what the society will think?' Sadly, that is how things work in our country. 

Moreover, Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code criminalises any sexual activities which are against the nature of law. Its implications? The entire LGBT community ends up being a criminal. 

Today, in the 21st century, do we need a reminder that minorities should be respected as well? 

Maybe we do. 

All states have seen numerous pride parades since 2008. Their message? Equal treatment for all. But are we even listening? Now that the Supreme Court is reviewing its decision to criminalise homosexuals, we thought of asking Indians, their views on homosexuality.

Any change we want to see in the world, should start with us after all. Isn't it time we started talking about such issues?

As always, we bring you the #IndiaKaPulse.

Take a look.

Is it unnatural?


Well, hear it from the public.

Not really

Some species such as cats, dogs, lions, pandas, penguins, are known for displaying homosexual behaviour. Are humans too intelligent for their own good?

"India being a democracy, so we should learn accepting and loving people as they are.. Love is love irrespective of gender.. Just because someone is different or of the minority group doesn't mean that they are bad.. LGBT rights are just basic human rights.." @syamantak.sinha0419

Love isn't biased

Somebody has to say that the bias is in our minds; love can happen anywhere and with anyone. Maybe we should stop overthinking and leave them be.

Psychological disorder

While some people say it is a mental disorder. And you can get cured if 'you' want. That isn't a new approach. Many studies and experiments have taken place where people have tried to cure gay people.

An Instagram user said:

"It has a high risk of bad health and afcourse our bodies are not made for that... They are just made for straight sex..." @star_boy._1

Should be criminalised

Some people say it should be as it is. Being homosexual should be a crime.

Does it matter?

Be it natural or unnatural, it is ultimately their personal life and it should be respected.

"People should be able to walk on the roads on India hand in hand with whomever they love, irrespective of the gender." @dhru_tee

Indian society will never accept it

Indian society won't accept it. Period. Maybe we cannot handle certain things just yet.

But at least SC is reconsidering it

Thankfully the Supreme Court is reviewing Section 377 which criminalises homosexual people.

"If you say there is right to lie and right to express yourself. So what's wrong in expressing yourself as homosexual? They say gays/lesbians shouldn't express themselves in public otherwise they will be punished? Why? Its absolute injustice towards them. With the development we should even develop and accept other ideologies." @the_chaotic_calmness

Though it's a mental disease

Some rational people don't agree with this concept at all. They are sure that it is a mental illness.

But sometimes 'Being Human' is enough

Some people were just thankful for this question.

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