Kalki Koechlin: An Actor Defined Not By Her Films But Her Thoughts

Definitely not made for mainstream cinema.

Kalki Koechlin: An Actor Defined Not By Her Films But Her Thoughts

Kalki Koechlin is one of the most versatile actors in Bollywood, who chose films not on the basis of box office collection, but the storyline. She has been exceptionally vocal about her opinion on things that matter to her. She has been bold enough to take a stand on the most controversial topics. She has stayed strong and talked about women issues publicly and has also expressed concern for what she thinks is unfair in the society.

Kalki has used her fame to fight for a good cause, instead of getting carried away with it. For that, she has not only earned our love and respect but garnered a fanbase as well. Whether it be fighting to defend feminism or talk against fairness creams that promote wrong standards of living among women, she has always said it out loud fearlessly.

Take a look at Kalki's thoughts and her beliefs.

When she got vocal about casting couch 

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She was one of the few actors who accepted that casting couch does exist in the Hindi film industry and that she herself faced it. According to the Savvy interview, she discloses, "I must say, of course, it exists! It did try and entangle me in its grip but I am slippery, I always managed to get out of it. The minute I felt uncomfortable, I walked away! The crux of the matter is that a bad actor, however much she works her way through the casting couch, will never sustain. She still remains a bad actor! The casting couch is not the answer to any aspiring actor's route to success."


Her take on feminism

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She stands strong on her views on feminism which can be seen in the Josh Talks interview where she says, "Feminism means equality of genders and we are human being before a gender, but I think it gets misquoted, we think that feminism is about women being better than men or getting more rights than men and that is not the case".

Her choice of films

Margarita with a Straw

She has always been picky about her movies and chooses the ones that have women-centric themes. Movies such as Margarita with a Straw, Shaitan and The Girl in Yellow Boots, show her in unusual roles where she as a female character can be seen talking about sexual preferences, her emotions, etc.

Her take on fairness creams

Kalki Koechlin in Shaitan

In a Reddit session, Kalki said, "I don't think there is anything wrong with being fair, but when an entire nation bases its idea of beauty on being fair, it's sad, because there are such beautiful people who are dusky or of a different skin tone. I endorse an anti ageing cream because I do feel I have to take better care of my skin with age, but I am clear that fairness is not something I promote with them. In fact, I would love to endorse a cream which makes me darker; I am always trying to get a tan!"

The famous "It's Your Fault" video

It's your fault

The video that mocked the patriarchal society of India went viral on the Internet. This video was a satirical take on the blame-game that plays in the society during instances of rape. It describes how this crime can be avoided by addressing the rapist as 'bhaiya' or by telling women to dress the right way.

When she broke her silence on child abuse

Kalki Koechlin child abuse

In an interview with NDTV, Kalki opened up for the first time about Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). She said, "The reason you haven't heard about it is that I don't like to talk about it. For me, it's not a one day headline, it's something that's a reality I have lived with for a long time. Many of us have gone through it and most of the people that I know, especially close friends of mine who are women, have gone through some form of CSA (child sexual abuse). It's just so out there, so much of it that I think it's not something that should be ignored."

She did not restrict her love for acting to films

little productions

She loves acting and has hence explored acting on stage as well. She has her own theatre company, Little Productions.

Writing poems

Noise by Kalki

Her poem "Noise" is a perfect depiction of what life means to her. 

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