Bigg Boss: Have You Seen the Childhood Images of These Famous Contestants? 

Hina Khan's picture will make you go aww! 

Bigg Boss: Have You Seen the Childhood Images of These Famous Contestants? 

One of my colleagues gets so excited at the mere mention of the popular reality show Bigg Boss that I feel like tagging her in every meme about the show. I'm sure you being a hardcore Bigg Boss fan always stalk the social media profiles of your favorite contestants to get some updates about their life. 

So, here are the childhood images of some renowned contestants from the show. These images are going to give you a tough time in deciding who is the best.

Rohan Mehra: Bigg Boss 10 

rohan mehra bigg boss

This guy was cute then. He's cuter now.


Gauhar Khan: Bigg Boss 7 

gauhar khan bigg boss

Her love for cats is what I can see in this cute childhood picture. 

Armaan Kohli: Bigg Boss 7 

armaan kohli bigg boss

Yes that's Armaan Kohli probably from a movie still in which he must have appeared as a child artist. 

Tanishaa Mukherji: Bigg Boss 7 

tanishaa mukherji bigg boss

Tanishaa and Tanuja Mukerji's picture from those old days is a sheer throwback.

Hina Khan: Bigg Boss 11 

hina khan bigg boss

It is impossible to recognize Hina Khan in this picture. 

Hiten Tejwani: Bigg Boss 11

hiten tejwani bigg boss

That's a rare picture of Hiten Tejwani and his mother from his teen years. Hiten looks completely different in the picture. 

Gautam Gulati: Bigg Boss 8 

gautam gulati bigg boss

Does Gautam Gulati still look the same? 

Dimpy Ganguli: Bigg Boss 8 

dimpy ganguli bigg boss

Dimpy Ganguli in a school group picture reminds me of all the fun and nostalgia that I experienced in my school days. 

Rochelle Rao: Bigg Boss 9 

rochelle rao bigg boss

Rochelle Rao's childhood picture is my favorite on the list. 

Prince Narula: Bigg Boss 9 

prince narula bigg boss

Now we know from where Prince Narula got his Punjabi swag. 

Arshi Khan: Bigg Boss 11 

arshi khan bigg boss

Arshi Khan is now creating a buzz on the Internet with her new photo shoot. 

Kishwar Merchant: Bigg Boss 9 

kishwar merchant bigg boss

Kishwar Merchant was a chubby baby and it looks like she is not ready to accept the laws of aging today. 

Sunny Leone: Bigg Boss 5 

sunny leone bigg boss

Sunny Leone never fails to amaze us and here's the proof of it. 

*Wish I could pull her cheeks*

Karishma Tanna: Bigg Boss 8 

karishma tanna bigg boss

Karishma Tanna looks extremely unrecognizable in this one. Also, isn't she looking like a boy? 

Gurbani Judge aka VJ Bani: Bigg Boss 10 

gurbani judge bigg boss

Bani's transformation is inspiring.

Sapna Choudhary: Bigg Boss 11 

sapna choudhary bigg boss

Can you spot the difference? No? Because there's hardly any. 

Aman Verma: Bigg Boss 9 

aman verma bigg boss

Aman Verma looks super adorable. (probably the best picture of him on the Internet) 

Mandana Karimi: Bigg Boss 9 

mandana karimi bigg boss

Mandana Karimi's picture from childhood shows that she always wanted to be a model. 

Pritam Singh: Bigg Boss 8 

pritam singh bigg boss

Pritam Singh looks complete unrecognizable in this one. 

Kushal Tandon: Bigg Boss 7 

kushal tandon bigg boss

Kushal Tandon's picture as a toddler is sheer goals. 

That's all people. 

Let us know who according to you looks the cutest in the comment section below. 

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