India Discusses Why Is It So Hard To Talk About Mental Health

India Ka Pulse on depression

India Discusses Why Is It So Hard To Talk About Mental Health

Scenario 1:

"Arre aaj main class nahi aa paunga, mere haath mein fracture ho gaya"

"Haan haan, tum aaram karo."

Scenario 2:

"Abe tu kal party mein kyun nahi aayi?"

"Yaar kuch achha nahi lag raha tha, thodi depressed si thi."

"Nautanki, tu toh hamesha bahane banaya kar."

It is highly likely that we've seen both the scenarios. And maybe we'll agree with the 'bahane' part for the second scene. But maybe we should try putting ourselves in their shoes. 

If you give it a deeper thought, you'll realise it happens to you too, everyone for that matter. Sometimes, we feel alive and kicking, but many times not so much. But what if those 'many times' became permanent? What if we felt low all the time? Would others accept it? Maybe not. I doubt if even our parents would understand. Not because they don't want to. But because it is hard to comprehend it.

Statistics say over five crore people in India are depressed. Don't you think it's a huge number? I guess we are far behind the West when it comes to mental health awareness. So, we thought of asking India, why is it so tough to talk about depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues? 

India gave us some spot on replies. 

Take a look.

Celebs can face depression too


Why is it so tough for us to openly accept it? Or even talk about it. This is what Indians have to say about the issue:

Less listening, more judging

Well, here is the first reason. Maybe people will not understand and feel like you're just weak. 

See what somebody said on Instagram about this:

"Because people judge you. According to them, the one who suffers from depression is weak and they are just making it up." - @_as_simple_as_that


That comment is on point too. If we talk about mental health, our parents and friends think we are just a 'nautanki'. It's probably hard for them to comprehend what you're going through too.

Someone else says:

"It's hard to find people who will patiently listen to you and understand you and be with you in this state of yours..." - @rahul_na1r

Can't understand what it is

Maybe people who haven't dealt with it, don't really understand much about it. Or maybe there are acceptance issues as well?

That is what this person says:

"Because people who have depression don't want to accept it and people who aren't depressed can't understand how it feels like." - @__girlnextdoor__12

Less dramatic than physical pain

It is true, isn't it? We can easily tell others about our physical discomfort but sharing mental distress is not as common. Mental health is still a taboo in India.

"Taboo? Well, in a world where people near you only understand such things if they have experienced it, then it demands courage to step out and still speak and discuss about it." - @yashikasangtani

Will take it as a joke

That is true. And maybe depression is non-existent for the society.

That's what somebody believes:

"It's hard because for society it doesn't even exist. There's no such illness like depression. When ppl ignore this existence how can u expect a cure?" - @aprajitapandey4

The society

Maybe its time we stopped doing things we don't want by thinking of the society or 'chaar log kya kahenge'. 

Source: Cover image, statistics

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