This New Year, Let's Make Some Realistic Resolutions

It is not about buying a new car or getting a good girlfriend/boyfriend

This New Year, Let's Make Some Realistic Resolutions

"I have big goals for 2018. I want to buy a new car. I want to have a good job. Well, a small travel tour won't hurt someone. What about buying a new house for my parents?"

Do you have any such resolution for this new year? If yes, I am here to grief along with you because, hey, even you know that you won't fulfill any of these. 

So, rather than consoling myself in the end I decided why not make some 'realistic' resolutions that I know I can achieve. 

Here's the list it. Have a look and I hope it helps. 

"I won't sit in one place for long. I will at least cover short distances."

"I will go to the gym from 2018."
"I will focus more on my health."

"No outside food. I will just eat healthy food from 2018."

Now, how about something simpler?

"I won't sit in one place for long. I will at least cover short distances."


"I will speak to my parents once a day at least"


I live away from my parents. On some days I forget to call them or even receive their calls. I have friends who live at their home but have busy schedules that don't allow them to speak to their parents. 

A few days back, I read somewhere that in this speeding life, we forget that if we are growing old, so are our parents.

"I will initiate the talk"


Do you know what is the biggest issue with our generation according to me?
We let things go very easily. 

"I will be more welcoming. They might not be having a great day." 


While talking to people, I often get angry without any reason. Most of us do this, right? But we all somewhere know that there is a chance that they might be having a bad day. You never know how much your small acts can affect people around you.

"I will meditate" 


Meditation is a good solution to many things:
1. It enhances concentration

2. It keeps negative thoughts away

3. It keeps the mind calm. 

Well, I guess these points are enough to keep meditation on my resolution list. 

"I will apologise"  

Rather than expecting someone else to come forward and apologise, I will go and apologise to them. A wise man once said that saying sorry doesn't make you wrong.  

"I will reconsider before buying things, not after spending money"


I am a shopaholic. According to me, I earn just to spend. But at the end of the month when I am broke. I regret it.   

Rather than taking the resolution that I will save, I just want myself to rethink before making any expense.

"I will spend at least 20 minutes reading about the world"


According to me, the dumbest person is the one who doesn't know what is happening around him/her. 

"I will keep Sunday mornings for 'something'"


Rather than spending Sunday morning sleeping till the noon, I have decided to use them for 'something.' Something? Yes! As in going for a ride, or a walk, or simply read a newspaper. 

"This year, less procrastination"


I truly have a bad habit of finishing work at the eleventh hour. So how about a resolution that I will make sure I do things beforehand. 

"I will LISTEN"


My last resolution for the year is, that I will learn to listen more. Rather than speaking, 2018 will be about listening more. Because Dalai Lama once said, "When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new."

That's all folks. I hope my resolutions could be helpful to you. 

What are your realistic resolutions for 2018? Share with us in the comment section.