Dowry, An Illegal But Prevalent Practice: Here Is What India Has To Say

An act of love or danger?

Dowry, An Illegal But Prevalent Practice: Here Is What India Has To Say

We all agree that dowry is an insult not only to the woman but also her family. While many of us believe that this practice does not exist anymore, there are instances of killings that often make the headlines.  

Yes, deaths over dowry aren't as uncommon as we would like to believe. Even today, over 20 cases of dowry deaths are reported in India every day. And these are just cases that are reported. 

For those of you who do not know, giving or accepting dowry is illegal in India, thanks to the Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961. But does that justify the deaths and violence which this custom ensues?

It was only yesterday, my friend told me about her close friend's death over dowry fights. Is it murder or suicide? 

Fortunately, it is not just me who is angry with the existence of this ritual. A lot of other people have expressed their opinions on the same. Here is #IndiaKaPulse:

Deaths over dowry still exist


We know this is wrong. But will there ever be an end to it?

A demonic issue

Believe it or not, domestic violence or suicides because of dowry still exist. We may think we have outgrown all these rituals but we haven't.

It starts from us

We have to make sure that we raise our voice for what's right.

Illiteracy and double standards

Many times fake babas take advantage of our belief system.

Is lack of education the problem?

Does a literate person not ask for dowry?

Law on dowry system, you say?

Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 and Indian Penal Code, both prohibit giving or accepting dowry. But this is India, do we really follow the law here? The traffic laws, Income Tax laws? You know the answer. I'm not saying, nobody does, but a majority does not.

Stop worshipping goddesses

Don't worship Goddess Lakshmi. If we can't respect women, who are someone's mothers or sisters or daughters, then maybe we should stop worshipping Goddesses as well.

Change begins with YOU

You sir, are the real hero. If all of us decide to not indulge in it, we can eradicate dowry from the roots.

The male mentality

A woman should out-rightly reject a man who asks for it. End of story.

A ritual?

The society. The log kya kahenge attitude is what encourages these kind of customs.

It will stop

Our generation will bring about the change. I really hope we do!

Meanwhile, this guy says...

I get you sir...but maybe dowry deaths is a little more serious than men being judged based on their bank balance.

That is all for now from us. 

This is what India has to say (#IndiaKaPulse). 

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