India's First Ad Featuring A Lesbian Couple Is Here And It's Heart-Touching

India's First Ad Featuring A Lesbian Couple Is Here And It's Heart-Touching

Anouk's 'Bold is beautiful' campaign has successfully shown how same-sex couples are similar to the straight couple. Now finally, India has its first advertisement featuring a same-sex couple. This ad featuring a lesbian couple may finally change the way people think about homosexuality in India. Moreover, advertising in India is still quite conventional, but now brands are making sure that it breaks stereotypes and come up with something new. The ad has perfectly shown the everyday life and concerns of the couple that is showing 'I don't want to hide anymore'.

The Ad features two women who get prepared to meet the parents of one to introduce themselves as a couple. The ad is delightful, and it captures the everyday lived-in-ness of them elegantly. It has beautifully captured the nervousness and excitement of a girl who is going to introduce her partner to her parents. Dialogues bring out the message of equality very effectively. 

When the ad starts, one girl whose parents are expected is getting ready. She moves around the room looking for Kajal and earrings. The other one has just woken up. Their interaction shows the two women living together shares a special bond.

Slowly, it seems like there is something more than friendship between two of them. The other woman returns after a shower. She is dressed in orange kurta and explains: 'I want your mother to like me.' The conversations conversation goes so well and is so naturally and beautifully executed. The fear of not being liked by her lover's mother can be seen in her eyes. The momentary hurt in her eye's somehow helped to connect with the ad. The ad doesn't end here. As the phone rings, brings the news of arrival parents, with little hesitation they ahead to meet the parents and perhaps, they outing themselves for the first time. A pure feeling of that hug is felt and the smile is seen on their faces.

This ad is perfect as in just three minutes it has achieved so much. Ad shows about the loving relationship and social pressure which raise the question, 'Are they doing something wrong when all they doing is loving?' And finally, it offers hope.

It is wonderful to watch an ad featuring a lesbian couple that goes beyond all social pressures and choose to live their life at fullest.

They share a real chemistry, even in the short duration span they are on screen that gives a political statement about who they are and what they stand for.

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