Here's Why Rohit Sharma Is A Star Both On And Off-Field

He is the ideal husband a girl could ask for!  

Here's Why Rohit Sharma Is A Star Both On And Off-Field

Rohit Sharma married his best friend and manager Ritika Sajdeh back in 2015. Today he is one of the few cricketers who truly loves his better half and does not feel the need to hide his emotions towards her from the public.

Their love story started when Ritika chose to manage Rohit as his manager and soon would discover that both of them were not only best friends but were soul mates.

Rohit is often seen giving flying kisses to her when he scores a century or even a double century. In one of the interviews recently done by Rohit, he is seen showering some praises towards his wife, whether it was appreciating her cooking skills or acknowledging her crossing fingers whenever he bats. He also gave us an insight into his personal life by talking about how he always takes her permission for things when he is off-field.

If this doesn't give you reasons to think that Rohit is the best husband anyone could ask for, then maybe these 10 Instagram posts will surely make you change your mind. 

Let's start with this aww-dorable picture of their wedding.



Six years of friendship until they decided to take a step forward. 

While on tour, he never misses to take time out for her.


I am sure his wife acknowledges the importance he gives to her.

He missed her so much that he posted a video of her. 


That caption though!  

When he wished the moon would come out soon on Karvachauth. 


Ritika is super lucky to get a caring husband like him.

His sweet little family.


Rohit was never a "dog" person, however, after marrying Ritika, he treats her dog, Magic, just like his own. Interestingly, Magic is also known to be partially blind.

He doesn't stop any celebration which could put a smile on his wife's face.


Such thought out words by Rohit for his Lady Love on Valentines Day. 

He is well aware of the fact that she is always right.


It takes great courage for the husbands to admit that their wife is always right. There is no hesitation for Rohit to admit it.  

Lovebirds hand-in-hand.


This is such an amazing picture of the two and it is pretty evident that their match is made in heaven.

He never wants her to cry (even if it is for a happy reason). 


Recently, Rohit scored a double century which made Ritika burst into tears. Obviously, those tears were meant for an extremely happy occasion, however, he made sure that "she's all smiles". Not to miss, he also kissed his wedding ring when scored 200. Can we give him the crown for the best husband now.

What a pretty lucky charm!


Ritika is not only his bundle of joy but his lucky charm as well. No wonder he hits all those centuries with her lady luck cheering for him from the stands. 

Do you like Rohit and Ritika's Jodi?