Who Is At Fault For Prevalent Corruption in India: Here Is What Indians Have To Say

Are WE the problem?

Who Is At Fault For Prevalent Corruption in India: Here Is What Indians Have To Say

"If something can corrupt you, you're corrupted already."

Well said! And it is especially true in India. I mean, isn't it us who prefer slipping in a Rs 500 note to the traffic police officer than getting a fine (challan) or our vehicle towed? What about the times we want a whiskey bottle on a dry day? Don't we go through the back door and try to get it anyway?

Like it or not, these are small forms of corruption. Yes, we are all corrupted. 

And maybe because it has become such a normal part of our life that we tend to let it off easily as well. Maybe not easily but after a lot of discussions, swearing at the politicians, complaining about the system; we finally let it go. 

Recently the Supreme Court announced the 2G scam verdict. All the accused were acquitted. So we decided to ask India what was is there take on corruption and the verdict.

This is what India (#IndiaKaPulse) says:

Are we the ones?


We may not have started this but the problem still persists because of us.

Everyone is corrupted

We are becoming shameless as well.

WE are responsible...

I guess we are. Wouldn't it be over if we stopped tolerating it or worse, being a part of it?

We are all corrupt

Well said! From government officials to common man. 

If we stop encouraging it...

We can eradicate it!

2G Scam Verdict?

Justice served or corruption prevailed?

Bin Laden, Dawood...

Were they innocent as well?

Did money play any role in this?

Maybe it did.

Maybe it isn't as bad as it seems

And maybe they were innocent after all.

To hide this crime...

Was another one committed?

Straight answer

Corruption prevailed!

That is all. This is what India has to say about corruption and the 2G scam verdict. 

Do you have any other questions that you would like to ask the entire nation? 

Write to us on ankita@wittyfeed.com. This is #IndiaKaPulse!