18 Things India Has To Say About LGBT Rights

Why can't we just accept some things the way they are?

18 Things India Has To Say About LGBT Rights

"The road to equality has never been straight."

It's true, LGBT community has been struggling, not only in India but the entire globe to a certain extent. LGBT rights have been one such important issue which has been the topic of debate in recent times. Well, actually, if one community is still struggling like this, I wonder if achhe din are here at all. Why can't we just accept some things the way they are and change those which need a change. Like women security, corruption, pollution, etc., these should be under the category of crime, not the LGBT community.

Having this in the back of our minds, we asked people what they think about LGBT rights, given that they are openly accepted in a lot of countries.  

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The BIG Question


LGBT rights are respected in many countries but what about India?

Hypocrisy is in blood.

We copied our constitution...


"India: One of the most narrow-minded countries on this globe." @b_atman_raja

After all, no law book can tell you whom you can love and whom you can't. 

Why? Well, people have replied why...

"And why the hell is there a punishment if a person is born like this??" @khushi_1912

What's exactly 'humari Sanskriti, humari sabhyata'?

Is everything needs to be done for profit?

"First of all, let all the parents accept normal love couples. Then we can have a conversation about LGBT." @ssanjaykrishnan

Because there is no room for such open-mindedness. 

Is this how a developed nation looks like? 

"In a country like India, intercaste and inter-religious marriage itself are not acceptable then how can we expect ACCEPTANCE? Shame on our f****d up society!" @_._monimiss_._

And what about civilized society?

For a few, section 377 is a shame!

"Waiting for that day when LGBTQ will be accepted but I think it's gonna take more 40-50 years until they accept normal love relationships." @tejashree_1195

After all, they have rights too... 

A thank you note!

This was India's say on LGBT rights. 

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