This Little Engineer Has The Brains, But Not The Right Education

WittyFeed is looking for this young engineer.

This Little Engineer Has The Brains, But Not The Right Education

We tend to get hurt and upset very soon.

Boss yells, and we start thinking about quitting the job.

Fight with girlfriend or boyfriend, we think about breaking up.

Fight with parents, and we term them bad.

And this is our attitude despite all the comforts and whatever little money we have in our lives. We give up. We are not willing to fight.

Meanwhile, we continue sharing videos and posts about hope, our Facebook and Twitter profiles are flooded with quotes talking about hope, happy endings and what not.

Well, such is the life we, humans of the twenty-first century live. And happiest are those who have nothing to lose.


WittyFeed came across this video on YouTube, shared by Rajesh Yadav, where a second standard boy, who doesn't even have proper clothes to wear is all smiles with his little creation. In the video, he is seen describing how he has made his little gadget, which sort of looks like a borewell-digging machine. That is some creativity for sure. 

Well, we at WittyFeed have decided to help this boy and get him the right education for his betterment. After all, it is his right. But the only problem is, we don't know where he is and we need YOUR help with it. Join us in doing your share for good.
But the question is, Will you help us find him?
If you spot him anywhere, please contact me on
Thank You!