These Moments From Ravinder Singh’s Debut Book I Too Had A Love Story Will Warm Your Heart

 ‘Simple, honest and touching’

 These Moments From Ravinder Singh’s Debut Book I Too Had A Love Story Will Warm Your Heart

Quite simply the biggest love story this country has ever seen, I Too Had A Love Story, steps into its tenth year.
I Too Had A Love Story… was penned in 2008 by a heart-broken young man who wanted to share his poignant story of love and loss with as many people as he could. His story resonated with many readers, who were moved by his journey of finding love, the experiences of his euphoric days of courtship, the heady romance, then the dark period of despair when he lost his girlfriend in a road accident, and finally, the beginning of healing and rediscovering life.

This book went on to win many hearts and introduced us to a writer who is now the undisputable King of Romance. The book has garnered tremendous reviews from critics and readers alike. N. R. Narayana Murthy, Chairman Emeritus of Infosys Technologies, called it, 'Simple, honest and touching'. However, the best compliment for this story from its readers often came in two words, 'I cried'.


Having already sold over a million copies in English and in translations, this year the book crosses the Indian subcontinent, and got published in the UK under the prestigious Transworld imprint. This collectible 10th Anniversary Edition will feature sumptuous illustrations of some of the most memorable moments from the book.

'It is an overwhelming feeling to realise that my debut novel has stepped into its tenth successful year! My purpose to write this book was not to become an author or to make this book sell millions of copies. All I wanted to do was to let the pain drain out of me, by sharing it with others. And that's what defines the success of this book for me. I have been able to move on. I can't think of a better way of marking this 10th anniversary than by adding a visual dimension to my words. The illustrations will take this book to another level for the reader,' says Ravinder Singh, who is eager to share this special edition.

After spending most of his life in Burla, Odisha, Ravinder Singh is currently based in Gurgaon. He did his MBA from Indian School of Business. His eight-year-long IT career started with Infosys and came to happy ending at Microsoft where he worked as a senior programme manager. Ravinder has since donned many hats, including starting a publishing venture of his own to publish debut authors.

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