14 Things People Want To Say To The Indian Army


14 Things People Want To Say To The Indian Army

"Kar chale hum fida jaan-o-tann sathiyon,

 Ab tumhare hawale watan sathiyon..."

We are all familiar with these lines. It signifies the pain, the sacrifices, the eternal love which the soldiers have towards our motherland, India. And even as they fight the enemies, they are not scared of losing their lives. What matters to them is their country and their responsibilities. 

This kind of pure love and dedication is what you see in the Indian Army. The Army which protects us and ensures that we sleep peacefully at nights. They fight not for their families or the leaders of the country but for us, the common people... 

Today, we bring to you some messages from across India for our beloved Indian Army

Take a look at #IndiaKaPulse:

The poster


This is what Indians want to say (#IndiaKaPulse):

A small yet powerful comment

What would we do if you weren't there?

Forever grateful...

Brave you and braver are your families.

I salute your mother

For she gave birth to someone like you who is willing to sacrifice himself/herself for the nation.

Your sacrifices, dedication can't be described in a few words

You all deserve the best!

Highest respect to you...

Because of your immense patriotism, we are safe. 

Indian Army = Superheroes

Calling them superheroes and thanking them. That is one great compliment!

So many things to say!

And much much more!

Thank you

Cannot even imagine how many sacrifices you make!

Sorry for the corruption

You keep us safe, you deserve better!

Please don't give up your life...

And give your best!

...send the enemies to God instead

You don't need to extend your kindness to them. God is already very kind.

Lack of transparancy

There are sometimes cases of bullying and ragging but we rarely get to know about it.

From a Kashmiri's point of view

Don't know what to say to this.

Someone from Pakistan says...

That is so true!

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