5 Years After That Dreadful Night, An Open Letter To Nirbhaya's Parents 

Have you ever thought about their pain? 

5 Years After That Dreadful Night, An Open Letter To Nirbhaya's Parents 

I was seven when my father first taught me how to ride a bicycle. One day I lost my balance, he tried to catch me but I fell down and hurt myself. The fall gave me a minor bruise on my knee but daddy's face looked tensed, I could see the pain in his eyes and it made me realise something. 

No matter how small an injury be, our parents will always feel the pain we undergo. They are the reason why we are here and they will always be protective of us. 

It has been five years that people are discussing Nirbhaya rape case and I have something to say to her parents who are fighting all odds from past 1,826 (or more) days... 

Dear Mr and Mrs Singh, 

Dear Mr and Mrs Singh, 

Naa sooraj badla, Naa chand badla… Agar kuch badla hai toh bass waqt...

You quoted these lines in an interview. Yes, the time has changed but not for good. Instances are recurring, we are still complaining about them and people still have the same opinion. 

The demons are the same but have taken new avatars. 

And, I as a girl, stand by your side to support you as you face the harsh tests of time. 

On December 16, 2012, those voracious men were not only attacking your little girl, but also YOUR soul. They raped her physically but killed you in the process.

I know, it was hard for you to accept that this happened but you stood strong and fought the legal system to make a change. And, like all other parents, you did make a CHANGE.

Even when the apex body of justice was taking its own sweet time. 


"We cannot punish anyone. If I had to punish then I would have given the same punishment they gave to my daughter. But we have law which will decide his fate," you said and it made my parents look up to you as a figure of inspiration and perseverance.

A rapist never rapes a girl, he rapes her entire family...

A rapist never rapes a girl, he rapes her entire family...

You gave interviews to leading media houses and spoke about things you did not want to recall. I saw them all, I read it all and you know what, tears immediately rolled down my cheeks. But, you did not cry, you did not share what you felt with your two sons considering the fact that they might also cry. This act of parenthood made me write this to you. 

The society owes you a lot, I owe you a lot. 

A lot more respect, a lot more justice and a lot more safety.
When they banned the film India's Daughter, I was disgusted at the fact that the person who is committing such heinous crime was roaming around and chilling at a chai ki tapri but people like you, Jyoti's friend, her lawyer, her doctor were asked to keep mum. 

How is a campaign like 'Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao' suppose to flourish if the daughters aren't safe? 

Betiyaan rahengi hi nahi toh kisse padhaoge aur bachaoge?

This is the big question you and I are seeking the answer to. 

I know, an angel is watching over you, but...

I know, an angel is watching over you, but...

You once said that your angel Jyoti is watching over you but I want you to know that you might have lost a daughter in a tragic incident but you have me. You have various other daughters from across India who stood up and protested to fight with you. 

Your eyes must be searching for her in every girl but she wants you to embrace what's going on and live the life, with double liveliness, the same liveliness with which your daughter had said bye to you that afternoon when she left the house.

Today, it has been five years since she left the house but the fact that she has united millions of hearts and I am here to make people acknowledge that.