McDonald's Is No More But I Have A Solution For Your Burger Cravings

Right on your couch while you binge watch!

McDonald's Is No More But I Have A Solution For Your Burger Cravings

I miss McD, do you? Well, change is not always good, and I say it because McD was shut in Northern parts of India recently. I have not had the same taste of burger after its shut down, and my taste buds' endless craving is unbearable. All I wish day and night is that McD reopens or a new burger franchise so that I can relive that tangy, sweet, and delicious taste.

I'm also afraid though. What if even the new franchise shuts down after some time, should I suffer from the same burger cravings again? In a volatile market like this, I wouldn't want to go back to a new place for good burgers or even McD for that matter.

No, it doesn't mean that you or anybody should compromise and adjust because a food joint gets closed. A place might close, or you don't like the taste of the new place you go to, there's always a solution if you look in the right place. And, for now, the answer to your craving for a much better burger than you've had ever lies in the video below.

Bringing all the sweetness to your sweet home


We all were in a shock when McD shut down, just like the clowns in the video, we were out of options and couldn't figure out "What next?"

Also, life was unfair to them when they no more had jobs to make a living and would starve. But, life is unpredictable and can always surprise you with its magic when you least expect it, just like when the clowns didn't need a food joint like McD anymore to keep their tummies full. 

Don't know about you but my craze for McD is over now. I just got the best way there is in the world to make that lip-smacking burger packed with mouth-watering mayonnaise without any efforts right at my place. You can make too!

It feels like my life goal has come true when I don't need to dress anymore and just watch movies all day, with that delicious burger in hand while I relax on my couch.