Are Women Safe In India While Travelling Alone: This Is What India Thinks

We asked, India answered.

Are Women Safe In India While Travelling Alone: This Is What India Thinks

"Women safety"

"Protecting women"

"Women empowerment"

These are some of those topics which we see the media talking about almost every day. We even think about it, feel revolutionary, promise ourselves that we will change the entire system, but then get busy with our routine life and forget about it.

Nirbhaya case got us thinking; we protested, fought and demanded better laws. But since then gang rapes are being reported in newspapers regularly, making us wonder; are women safe when they are travelling alone? Are they safe even in their houses?

We asked the same question to our readers, to know what India thinks, to know its pulse #IndiaKaPulse. This story is about their replies, your replies. 

Take a look! 

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A few said yes

Someone said it depends on the men around her

If women are cautious, then yes

There were neutral opinions

Most people said no

There were opinions which said no woman or girl is safe...

Some said even men aren't safe

Some blamed the mindset

We all were horrified with the Haryana incident...

Women should be protected first

Some said they are, only if they were dressed like men

The sad truth :(

We need to be the change we want to see in the world (as said by Mahatma Gandhi)...

When men agree & speak up

Only if she can defend herself...

Some people even thought that the question is absurd...

If truth be told...

The false accusation cases?

That leads to the conclusion...

This is #IndiaKaPulse. What Indians think and feel.

Share your opinions with us and we will share them with the world. #IndiaKaPulse