What People Think About Rahul Gandhi Becoming The President Of INC

Take a look & enjoy!

What People Think About Rahul Gandhi Becoming The President Of INC

Recently, Rahul Gandhi was declared the party president of the Indian National Congress. Naturally, this sprouted a lot of public reaction and comments. From people making fun of 'potato turning into gold machine' to calling this the 'end of Congress', the reactions can be used for future RaGa memes.

Many people also questioned Congress' decision & called this act a 'selection' and not a contest. Anyway, we just wanted you to see what is people's opinion on this (#IndiaKaPulse).

So, today we bring you some of such comments. 

Take a look & enjoy!

This is what we asked our readers. 


And here are the hilarious responses...

"Now he will be the next Prime Minister of Dholakpur." - SaMar RajBanshi

"He is already the President in Dholakpur." - Prakash Paini

"Dholakpur ka vikas hoga ab.." - Nìtìn Pùndîr

"Not elected. It's selected. Jiska koi competition hi na ho usse elect kese kar sakte hai..? #PariwarWad" - Niteesh Dhanoliya

"Now he will launch the machine & aalooo will become gold." - Cʀuiʑer Ʀohaŋ

"Is side se aloo dalengey, us side se sona niklega." - Gaurav As

"Rahul Gandhi is the secret agent of BJP to destroy Congress....so for now. #RIP_Congress" - Rudra Pratap Singh

"Ab dekhna yeh officially akela hi puri Congress pr tala lagwaega..." - Śhíķháŕ Śíņģh

"Congress party be like: 'Jaise chal raha hai, chalne do!!!'" - Utkarsh Gupta

"Ab jald hi Congress party ki closing ceremony hogi.." - Shivam Rajput

"Congress party name will change to MEME party. Rahul Gandhi - Admin" - Abhishek Tripathi

"Now we can expect Chhota Bheem as a PM candidate in the upcoming elections." - Bishu Despot

"Pappu jabardasti #pass kiya gaya hai." - Raju Rastogi

"Start Rahul Gandhi Meme page, Meme Banao Meme Bachao andolan." - Anil Jayakar