Indian Government Bans Condom Ads And Everyone Is Just Losing It

Thank God they didn't ban using it!

Indian Government Bans Condom Ads And Everyone Is Just Losing It

"Is raat ki subah nahin."

"Try something new tonight!" 

"Excitement she can't hide."

I know you know what I'm talking about, you pervert! For those who didn't, I'm talking about condom ads. Yes, only KamaSutra, Harmony and Trojan condoms could have taglines such as these.

But thanks to the Indian Government, all these are now banned during the prime time of television, i.e., from 6 AM to 10 PM. Why? Because children can then watch it, silly! Of course, we don't want that.

But maybe the government didn't think of how the public would react. Yep, there is no stopping when the internet gets to you. That is why we asked people what they think about it. Believe me, the responses were worth looking at!

Take a look!

Here goes the poster...

Here goes the poster...

And here are the epic responses...


"Thank God they didn't block the use of condom" - Shersha Basheer

"We strongly condom this...I mean condemn this..." - Azhar Uddin Meghdoot

"And what about 'Japani Tel', 'Bullet Capsule' etc...?? These ads aired on Bengali news channel often..." - Mithun Acharya

"Aisa karne wale Modi Bharat ke pehle pradhanmantri hai." - Dinesh Soni

"My Saddest Condomlence with All the manufacturing companies..." - NeeKhil Kale

"Less embarrassing moments now." - Aman Mehrotra

"Congratulations! Desh ki abaadi aur badhne waali hai. Cheers!!" - Sumit Sarkar

"Govt samajh gayi abhi nahi, abhi bache jaag rhe hai" - Jasprit Singh

Here are the reactions from Twitter:

Maybe you needed a condom in the first place...

Population control: Yes! Condom ads: Ban!

The irony!

Oh, the married ones...

When it is too tough to even watch such ads.

Some are trying to calm you down... 

She is among the few ones who aren't angry.

Papa, main paani leke aaya...

The reality...

Look at the figures.

I agree...

That is all for now. How do you feel about the government ban on condom ads from 6 AM to 10 PM? Write your comments in the box below!