From Padmavati To The Decline Of The Literature World, ILF Season 3 Has All Of It For You 

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From Padmavati To The Decline Of The Literature World, ILF Season 3 Has All Of It For You 

India is a land of festivals, and we surely know how to celebrate each of them with all the energy we have. It's not only about the fun part but even the experiences it comes with. We get to know about things, learn a few, and in the process, enjoy too. Literature festivals are also of the same kind though. Doesn't sound too exciting, right? What if I tell you that, you get to be a poet or a writer with an audience? Or, the concerns raised about the film Padmavati will be discussed. Now you're interested and want to know more about it.

Well, it's India's second largest literature festival - Indore Literature Festival (ILF) Season 3. The line-up of the festival also includes two live sessions. 'पाठकों और पुस्तकों के बीच बढ़ती दूरियां' will be the theme of the festival and all the sessions including "Bookworm in present edge: Heart of the matter" will be focused on finding solutions for the decline of the literature world. From the director of Oxford Business College, London to an Indian diplomat, several dignitaries will be there from different walks of life. Find the free registration link at the end, but before that don't forget to read all that the festival holds for you from December 15 to 17.

'हिन्दी कैसे दुनिया के माथे की बिन्दी वाले"  

'हिन्दी कैसे दुनिया के माथे की बिन्दी वाले

That's one of the topics on which famous writers, poets, and artists will direct readers to find solutions. Amongst them, you will also see London's Oxford Business College's Director and Hindi poet Dr. Padmesh Gupta talk on the growing popularity of Hindi and the challenges faced by the world. It's not just discussions, but you will also get the opportunity to interact with your favorite artists there. There will be ego clashes too. Yes! You'll know all about it on reading further.


Among many artists, you will be a part of a fantastic narration by Shalini Mathur from Lucknow who will take a shot at egos held by men by her poetry. Gyanpeeth award winner Raghuveer Chaudhary, Rajendra Patel, senior and reputed writer, Chitra Mudgal, Dharmadhyay (Hindi poet), Liladar Jugudi, Prof. Arun Kamal, and Naresh Saxena and others will try and figure out how to convince people to develop an interest in reading. Your favorite poets, writers, artists, and thinkers in addition to the above writers like Anil Yadav (Lucknow), poet Anuradha Singh (Mumbai), novelist Geetashree (Delhi), who are travel freaks will be narrating their travel diaries.

Other names to look forward to

Other names to look
forward to

There will be several other artists too, namely, Prakriti Kargeeti (Mumbai), Prof. Saroj Kumar, Ashutosh Dubey, Sharad Pagare, Krishsha Agnihotri, Prabhu Joshi, Nirmala Bhuradia, Narmada Prasad Upadhyay, Meenakshi Swami, Suryakant Nagar, Jawahar Chaudhary, Chaitanya Trivedi, Rabindra Vyas, Swati Tiwari and Kisal Pancholi (all from Indore), Santosh Choubey, along with Vinay Upadhyay, Urmila Shirish (Bhopal), Vivek Chaturvedi (Jabalpur), Hariom Rajoria with their compositions and opinions in the Indore Literature Festival Season 3.

The event will also see Mr. Parveen Singhal as a panelist who is the Chief Content Officer of India's largest content marketing company – WittyFeed. Arhma Siddiqui will also be present there as WittyFeed's Storyteller for narrating a beautiful story. 

"Bleeding Borders"

“Bleeding Borders”

There will be several sessions, and in one of them, the Indian ambassador in Italy, diplomat, and author Rajeev Dogra will be seen talking on the topic "Bleeding Borders" with Vikas Singh, Dainik Bhaskar. A session by Dainik Bhaskar – "Bookworm in present edge: Heart of the matter" will have Nilotpal Mrinal, Anuj Khare, Sudhir Azad and Ashish Chaudhari as the speakers.

Superstar experiences will also be shared by Bhawana Saumaya (Mumbai) and serious journalist Vijay Manohar Tiwari, and film director Shailendra Pandey will answer your queries around the film Padmavati. India Today (Delhi) deputy editor Uday Mahurkar will also be there expressing his political analysis when Nilima Dalmiya will reveal secrets about Kasturba Gandhi.

The Joy of Donation

The Joy of Donation

Ramon Magsaysay Award winner Anshu Gupta will be seen talking on the topic "दान देने की खुशी" along with Divisional Commissioner of Indore Sanjay Dubey on his experiences. A one on one discussion will be seen between Manoj Muntashir, songwriter and Priyanka Acharya on the topic "सिनेमा के चेहरे पर चमक, साहित्य की स्याही से".

 Live Concerts: An emerging singer Roopali Jagga will be introduced by Manoj which will be followed by her live concert. To end with, a live ghazal concert of Pooja Gaitonde is lined up apart from all the daily entertaining and interesting sessions for you.

"मैं भी कवि' 'मैं भी लेखक"


Don't forget to register yourself here for the ILF 2017 and collect the passes from the office of 'Hello Hindustan', 502, Princess Empire, Race Course Road from December 11, 2017, onwards. The event is organized by Hello Hindustan and Dainik Bhaskar, and Praveen Sharma is the organizer.

Venue: GSIMR (Near Hotel Marriott), Sukhliya, Indore

Save the Dates: December 15-17, 2017

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