This Man Is Walking 17,000 Km For A Reason That No One Can Ever Think Of

Ashish Sharma quit his well-paying job to work for a better society.

This Man Is Walking 17,000 Km For A Reason That No One Can Ever Think Of

I have a strict policy of not giving in to a child beggar's constant knocking at the window when I am at a signal. No…not because I don't have money, but because I am totally against children begging or rather any form of begging.

While this is just a thought that often pops in my head, here is someone who is taking steps to act on it.

Meet this engineer-turned-social activist Ashish Sharma from Delhi who has left his well-paying job to follow his real calling of working for social change.

Here's what Ashish shared in an interview with WittyFeed.

Unmukt India

It all started two years back when he met a 9-year-old boy with marks of drug intake on his hands. He rehabilitated that kid and then went on to rescue 8 more kids. And that is how OneGoOneImpact Campaign was born.


He believes that the root cause of all the social problems lay with the children in the society. "There are so many child beggars on the street, nobody does anything for them, so I took it upon myself to work for and with them," he says.

Aiming to mobilise the youth of the country or so he says, he flagged off a 17,000 km walk called Unmukt India on August 22 this year. He has already completed 4,468 kilometres.

Ashish plans to make India a child begging-free nation which he thinks can help eradicate poverty, child-trafficking, drug addiction, organ rackets, lack of education, child labour, etc.

It is all a psychological battle, he says. "Once people get to know that someone is walking 17,000 kilometres for a cause like child beggars and going through immense pain, they'll also be touched at some level. This will help in getting them mobilised."

According to him, the change has to come from bureaucrats and schools. And so as he walks across the country, he visits schools, colleges and talks to children about how he can help make their future better. 

He has given himself time till 14 June 2018; that is when he plans to observe Unmukt Diwas and unite everyone with a pledge for better India.

Did his initiative motivate you to do something big?