Varun Dhawan Received His E-Challan And Twitterati Can't Keep Silent

Twitter is going crazy and I can't understand why! 

Varun Dhawan Received His E-Challan And Twitterati Can't Keep Silent

Mumbai Police on Thursday issued a challan to B-town's heartthrob, Varun Dhawan. It was when the actor was clicking a picture with a fan on the road and to add more to it, Mumbai Police tweeted the entire thing on the actor's profile.
I mean, why? Can't such issues be resolved privately? Why is there a need to use someone's popularity as a mean to teach others a lesson?
Well, take a look at the entire matter here and decide it on your own.

Here's what Mumbai Police tweeted...


They also added images and tried their best to make sure that more and more people read this and avoid doing it too. 

Nevertheless, a possessive fan. 

We don't know if what Varun did was right or wrong but one thing is for sure that he has many lovers who will always love him. 

Logic, tweet, common sense! 

Okay, so we do get that you are trying to be our version of Hermione, but chill. 

Different people, different mindsets! 

Just as every coin has two sides, people have various opinions on the issue. 

Little things that matter.

You will find it very hard to disagree with me when I say that such things instantaneously bring a smile on everyone's face.

A sad story turned funny!

Why Mumbai Police? Why did you block him, man? 


Now, that was something very brutal.

Here's what Varun replied...

Varun wrote a kind reply to all his fans and the authorities as well. That's when he showed us how to handle all the situations in life. You're a pro, VD! 

Mumbai Police's response! 

The authority looked concerned, and that's when they decided to post this. 

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