Is Rahul Gandhi An Important Asset For The Government?

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Is Rahul Gandhi An Important Asset For The Government?

India's most favourite 'himbo' RaGa was recently trolled for quoting lines by PM Narendra Modi. The internet took his words so seriously, and the meme industry got an instant oomph by his act. Today, we randomly asked people about that one reason which makes Rahul an important asset for the Indian government, and the answers that we got were super hilarious (honest). 

Time and again Rahul has proved his worth to the citizens of this country, but this time the citizens have spoken their half and I can't stop myself from laughing! 

Can't imagine what would happen after that, I just can't! 


Yes, and he's pretty good at it. 

Ji, hum samajh gaye! 

Innate talent of RaGa.

Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment! 

Comedy Nights with RaGa! 

Happy realisation... 

Where's Bheem? He must thank Rahul...

We can ask the authorities to check the facts tho! 

How many of you agree? 

Who is he? Govt's soluchan or what? 

HA-HA! That's a direct dig! 

And that too LIVE sometimes.

That was a well-executed word-play! 

One man army! 

That's all, people! 

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That's all, people! 

Do you think Rahul Gandhi is an important asset for the government?