14 Things That Your Bride Is Thinking But Won't Tell You

You can't even guess it from her face!  

14 Things That Your Bride Is Thinking But Won't Tell You

How many of you have already planned how your wedding would look like? What kinda wedding dress you will wear? And who all would be on the list? 

If not men, single women must have given a thought on this at least once, they already have in their mind an impeccable picture of their big day. No matter if they are prepared for it, or how easy going they are about it, once the things start to get real, yes, it gets exciting, and at times scary too. 

There are various thoughts in the minds of both the bride and the groom, that they may not share with each other. And that is what I have here, some points that majority of the brides have in their mind that they won't let you know. 

So come on, let's check these out. 

#1 "You are not that funny."


She might laugh at most of your jokes and all of the funny family incidents you're sharing with her, but in reality, you are not that funny. 

*Sorry, not sorry*   


#2 "Your friend is really hot."


Trust me, your bride may have this in her mind. 

#3 "I want you to look hot too."


She won't say, but she wants you to look really hot. 

#4 "I want to look hot too."


Though she is wearing this itchy/scratchy/uncomfortable dress, she still believes, "Damn, I look hot!" 

#5 "I don't like your uncle who is cracking flirt jokes with me."


She may be blushing and smiling at those bad jokes of your relatives, but somewhere deep inside, she might not be enjoying it at all. 

#6 "I really, really hope he doesn't get drunk and dance on the table like he did at my cousin's wedding." 

#6 “I really, really hope he doesn’t get drunk and dance on the table like he did at my cousin's wedding.” 

She knows her relatives, she also knows how much 'happy' they get. And this scares the wits out of her. 

#7 "Oh no! Am I sweating?"


Having a fear of sweaty armpits haunts every bride. Obviously, she is wearing such a heavy attire and is everytime surrounded by people... this is a legit thought. 

#8 "I wanna pee."


Afterall, wearing such a heavy dress has its own complications.

#9 "Hey, photographers, click some more pictures of me."


She wants all the cameras on her. Obviously, she is the bride and wants to have loads of perfect pictures of her big day. 

#10 "Take the charge."


Though she wants everything according to her choice, secretly she wants you to take the charge. 

#11 "I'm starving."


A bride's mind runs in different directions, but in between them that one thought which remains the same is her hunger.

#12 "If I smile more, my cheeks are going to fall."


She is wearing a heavy lehenga, putting a lot of makeup and various accessories. After all this, even smiling feels like a heavy additional task.

#13 "God, I am a wife now!"


Wondering why is she looking at you?

She must be admiring that now she is a wife and has a husband. *In bold and capitals, HUSBAND*

#14 "Don't cry, your make up will be ruined." 


We have grown up watching Bollywood wedding-drama, where every bride has the compulsion to cry on her Bidaai. So, this is a natural question which at the end follows, "To hell with the make-up, let these tears flow!" 

These were some thoughts that mostly bride holds in her mind but hides it all behind the happy face.

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