Indore's Name Could Be Changed To INDUR And All The 'Bhiyos' Are Losing It

"Arey Bhiyo bhot tej chal re ho kya baat hai!"

Indore's Name Could Be Changed To INDUR And All The 'Bhiyos' Are Losing It

Recently, the debate of renaming Madhya Pradesh's finance capital 'Indore' to 'Indur' surfaced because the proposal was sent to the Municipal Corporation of Indore. The historical events and evidence suggest that the original name of Indore was 'Indur'. 

Shocked? Yes, I was too. But, reports suggest that the city was named Indur because of the ancient Indreshwar Mahadev temple. But the problem of pronunciations by the British officials led to a change in the name. There's no better way to know how a sudden news is perceived by people better than their reactions. Come, let's see how people (or you may call Bhiyo) have reacted to this news. 

When leading news portals shared the news on their platforms...  


This is how Twitterati reacted to it.

A direct dig to the PM.

I don't know what shape this argument will take but I can vouch for one thing that 'Induris' is not something that most people will be able to accept. 

Can't say much! 

Probably a brutal definition of vikas. 

You need to calm down... 

Considering the reaction that people are giving, we asked WittyFeedians what is their take on this, jump to the next slide and you will find a trail of comments that people wrote on our platform. 

I doubt if that's a nice idea!

Funny? Or not funny? 

Let's just not go that deep into the meaning! 

Can anyone answer this question? 

Agitation taken to another level.

Don't know if it makes sense, but it's funny! 

Alia, why do you initiate such jokes? 

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