Om Prakash's Aunty Ki Ghanti 2 Is Out And His Tharki-ness Now Has A New Level

"Bol na aunty aun kya, chocolate wala laun kya?" 

Om Prakash's Aunty Ki Ghanti 2 Is Out And His Tharki-ness Now Has A New Level

Legendary rap King Omprakash Mishra came up with his rap song 'Aunty Ki Ghanti', and it literally took the social media by storm. People gathered at public places to sing the song and shout 'sot, sot, sot' at the top of their voices. Did you expect that to happen? 

Believe it or not, his sots and ghanti got a nice reply from the Aunty herself where she made a direct dig to the small Omprakash. (if you know what I mean)

Now, it looks like Omprakash is not going to stop anytime soon. He is back with his next installment of 'Aunty Ki Ghanti'. Within a span of merely twenty minutes the video shot a sky-high number of 11K+ views and that speaks volume of how this so-called legend rap king is paving his way into the viral industry. 

When one of the best raps surfaced on the internet.


Omprakash literally made all of us sing his rap time and again. He became a part of all meme and mockery, but even after that, this epic singer is back with his new song! 

WittyFeed's Aunty gave him a karara jawab! 

On getting the most karara jawab on his sots and ghanti, Omprakash went ahead and curated a new song for his sot army. 

Here's the new track! 

From ghanti to chocolate this track is something that personified the level of tharki-ness this star had to offer. 

Do not miss it for all tea in China. 

Also, let's sit back and wait for another reply from the aunty. *WINK*

Here are the epic comments that people did on Omprakash's Facebook post.

Hashtag Ominem! 

Omprakash is breaking the records.

Bhajan of the year.

When aunty came to share her views.

Friendly advice! 

Aurr shayad hamara bhi! 

Do you agree? 

Possible, because he can do anything.


That's all, people. 

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