We Asked, "What You Need Right Now In One Word" And Received This...

What would be your answer? 

We Asked,

Humans have unlimited wants!

This saying would be apt, to sum up the nature of a human when it comes to wanting more in life. All of us set our milestones and if one is achieved we moved on to the next one. The list of our wishes never ends. 

Considering this thought, we planned to have a small exercise before starting our work the other day. We asked each other about that one thing which they want. All my teammates came up with some hilarious answers and it was nearly impossible to control the laughter that everyone burst out! More the people, more the humor quotient! Hence, we posted the same question for our audience. 

Read their responses!

This one goes out to all the tea lovers.


Sai Baba will come in your dreams, admin.

Is that one word? 

Sahi pakde hain! 

T & C Apply :P 

Money hai toh honey hai!

That's something we all want.

I hope you get that! 


But, why? 


Socially relevant! 

Proxy lagwa denge.

Dila rahe ho kya? 

Oh, damn! 

Wish I could get that too! 

Fingers crossed! 

Go, buy them! 

You mean Jio? 

Why only trucks? You could have asked for more... 

Erm... No comments! 

Soluchan fan!

We all will eventually get that.

What an idea Sir Ji!

Hopeless Devdas!

Error 404... Not found!

Because Winter Is Coming!

This is by far the best one! 

For that, you will have to wait.

Only luck can help you with that.

Shraddha's fan!

Because staying hydrated is important :P 

Oh, those good old days! 

But the task was to say one word.

What are you going to do with that? 

As if it's easy! 

Hashtag Foodgasm!

You mean, Bae? 

Mention what you want here.

That's all, people. 

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