How Would You Describe Your Best Friend In One Word?

 Because friends never miss a chance to annoy us!

How Would You Describe Your Best Friend In One Word?

Idiot, chotu, dimaag se paidal, gone case, dharti par bojh, duniya par liability. 

We tend to have a lot of names for that one special person in our life. Hell, no! I'm not talking about a significant other. I'm talking about a best friend. 

They are the most crucial beings who know all our dirty secrets, have seen the best as well as the worst version of us. But, they still stick till the end. We decided to ask our audience what they think of their best friends. Considering a massive response of thousands of comments, I decided to share top 40 with you! 

Have a look at what WittyFeed's audience thinks about their best friend. 

Best opening lines to start with! 


Finally... Reality!

Bros for life!

Twinkle twinkle he's a star!

Because friends never miss a chance to annoy us.

Ek number! 

Sot? Anyone? 

That's one hell of a diplomatic answer.


Hashtag Xerox not found! 

Now that's how you describe your friend.

Ghu... Nothing else, just ghu! 

Can anyone explain this? 

Simply wow! 

Jhallah wallah! 

That's the best one! 

When Potter heads became best friends... 

Ha-ha! Totally getting that... 

Rest must be left unsaid only! 

Where do they get these lines from? 

I agree with this one.

Ek-tarfa elaboration!

Yet another one...

Oh, really? 

This was the sweetest one!

That's me, for sure! 

Hooror or Horror? 

When someone said his spouse is his best friend!

Chhotu, 2 chai! 

Same pinch :(

Arrey, try toh karo? 

Is it a compliment?

Who are they? 

Arrey, bhai-bhai, bhai-bhai.

Control, Bhai, control...


That was thoughtful!

Japani juta? 

You mean piece? 

I can't stop laughing!


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That's all, people. 

Let me know which one was your favourite ;) 

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