Khichdi To Be Announced As A 'Brand India Food'? Here's How Twitterati Are Reacting On It...

Is it all just cooked up? 

Khichdi To Be Announced As A 'Brand India Food'? Here's How Twitterati Are Reacting On It...

Me: Khaane mein kya hai? 


Me: ...........

Yeah, that's pretty much most of us when mom says she has cooked Khichdi for lunch or dinner. In fact, whenever we see two of our friends murmuring something we say: Kya khichdi pakk rahi hai tum dono ke beech? Not feeling well? Khichdi to the rescue.

I think, people in India took this thing very seriously. The news of 'Khichdi' being declared as the National Food of India surfaced on the internet very recently. People took to Twitter and expressed their opinion on it vocally. But, later a tweet from Harsimrat Kaur Badal, the Union Cabinet Minister of Food Processing in the Government of India said something which completely changed the scenario. 

Read further and you will know how India is reacting to it and what our honourable Minister has to say. 

Because one can't simply live alone! 


No matter how famous or prestigious you become, you need friends to share that happiness and success. Right? :P   

Who didn't get this one? 

If you are that person, we are done!

Can this get more brutal? 

I am sure a majority of aam janta will agree with this one. Maybe? 

When Atul had a point.

How can you miss papad? It is the staple snack of Sindhis. 

Desi (creepy) love...

Are we really doing this? 

Is his mum reading this? 

I hope she is! :P 

This guy has got a point! 

When is the govt officially gonna announce this? 

Not fair, Tweetera! 

Don't underestimate the power of Khichdi. 


Even cats know what it feels like. 

I hope my mom is not reading this. 

Or, is she? 

When the Minister of Food Processing reacted to all this...

She clarified the entire thing and the tables turned for all trollers and gossip mongers. 

That's all, people. 

Are you happy with the decision?