Bollywood Is Going Crazy Over This ‘Gift’ They Are Being Presented 

What is the surprise!?

Bollywood Is Going Crazy Over This ‘Gift’ They Are Being Presented 

The lavish lifestyle of celebrities is no secret to any of us. We all see them high-end shopping with their flawless dresses, expensive accessories, and glamorous vehicles - be it for themselves, or to gift their friends and family. But the outrageous prices aren't their only criteria for shopping. Along with holding standards, they have to keep up their health as well.

Many a time, celebrities have gone overboard while giving gifts to each other. But along with the fancy and pricey presents, some also prefer to gift something that is more health conscious to their friends. Take Kareena as an example, she has always been portrayed as a health-conscious actress. So clearly, if she is going to present her friends a gift, it has to be something amazing and useful.

And as expected, her gift is good enough to create a buzz among the Bollywood stars and they couldn't help but share their appreciations.

Check out the gifts that these celebrities shared with each other, and how Kareena got the something better and healthier than them all.

Salman Khan to Alvira Khan

Salman Khan to Alvira Khan

When it comes to extravagant gifts, Salman Khan is not someone to be taken lightly. On numerous occasions, he has proved to spend moolah on presents for his loved ones. One of the most expensive gifts he has bought was for his sister Alvira Khan, to whom he gifted a lavish penthouse worth 3.5 crores.


Abhishek Bachchan to Aaradhya Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan to Aaradhya Bachchan

On her birthday, Junior B decided to gift her precious daughter a car that most of us dream about. I hope she doesn't start driving at this tender age.

Kareena Kapoor Khan To Soha Ali Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan To Soha Ali Khan

In the list of thoughtful gifts, Kareena secured her place pretty high. Everyone knows how close the Kapoors and the Khans are from the Bollywood industry. And with Kareena being married to her brother, she made a considerate effort to gift Soha Ali Khan Honeywell Air Purifier to help their daughter breathe pure air at home.

Soha Ali Khan tweets that...

As a mother, Kareena showed her concern towards the family and wished to make it better for others as well. Soha Ali Khan thanked her for this present on the social media.

Kareena Kapoor Khan to Sonam Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor Khan to Sonam Kapoor

Kareena tells the importance of having clean air in our homes. She tells that she was surprised to know that the impurity indoors is so much higher than what's supposed to be.

Kareena Kapoor gifted the air purifier to a rising star in Bolly-town, Sonam Kapoor.

The Kapoor 'Veere'-s


Kareena and Sonam are coming together to star in an upcoming film 'Veere Di Wedding'. The two Kapoor daughters have grown closer ever since. And as a good friend, and a co-star, Kareena decided to gift Sonam a gift that'd be a healthy addition to her home.

Even Sonam, who is a rising star in Bollywood was happy to receive this gift from Kareena. It's not only the outdoor pollution that one must be afraid of. We must also be active against the indoor pollution.
Though not a gift from Kareena, few other celebs are also appreciating it...

Esha Deol tweets that...

Various other celebrities also brought in Honeywell air purifiers into their homes. Esha Deol, a newly mother, understands the importance of pure indoor air fir the health of your family and is happy with it's surprising effects.

Milind Soman tweets that...

Milind Soman, who is an actor and a fitness promoter, was also alarmed when he came to realize that the indoor pollution is also a threat to our health. He is happy that he can now enjoy fresh air inside his home too.

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Both, as a caring mother and a concerned fitness symbol, Kareena emphasizes on the fact how indoor air pollution has risen around 20 times its safe value. With this unexpected rise, it's on us to take care of our loved ones.

She also tells that we care for our loved ones' well being, we must get Honeywell air purifiers, to protect them from the harmful effects caused by rising indoor air pollution